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Saturday, 14 October 2017

October 14, 2017

Yoga for Breast Cancer patients and Survivors.

Yoga and Breast Cancer

Yoga can help relieve pain, fatigue and depression among women fighting breast cancer, a new study has been discovered. It can even help them survive. Breast cancer is spreading today, especially in Western societies, because many women cannot imagine when they are in their infancy. I do not say they should have more children. This is the good thing they do in the already overcrowded world. This is because the mechanism of the breast, intended primarily for the feeding of offspring, is not used or is used only at a certain time. In the past, if a woman has undergone a normal conception, from about 16 to 18 years of age, up to 45 years, she will feel periodically, keeping her whole system, uterus and breasts functioning in so many ways. It would also keep the energy.

Is Yoga beneficial for Breast Cancer?

The answer is not cut and dry, but there are some aspects of yoga that will probably contribute to the fatigue. One of the most important things you can do to help yourself as a patient with breast cancer or experience is to practice yourself. But if you experience unpleasant side effects such as severe nausea, fatigue, sleep disorders and joint pain, exercise may seem to be the most difficult. However, virtually all types of physical activity will help, and many doctors recommend that patients with breast cancer take yoga as the primary source of physical activity. Before you start practicing yoga, it is best to consult a doctor to make sure you are healthy.

Yoga Poses for Breast Cancer

1. Diagonal Stretch
The diagonal stretch is based on the movement of energy through the lymphatic system by making powerful breathing exercises.
2. Frontward Stretch
This exercise involves stretching your arms in the front while coordinating your breathing. It helps to energize the tissues of your breast and your lymph.
3. Frog Pose
 Frog pose is effective in boosting the flow of energy to all parts of the body.
4. Fish Pose
This position is a heart opener, which means opening the chest, ribs, lung and upper back. It stimulates lymphatic drainage in the breast and breasts, and also reduces scarring.
5. Seated Side Bend
Simple side folds perfectly fitted to the trunk. It not only works and lengthens the abdominal muscles and improves the elasticity of the spine, but also extends the intercostal muscles (muscles between the ribs).
6. Belly Breathing
To strengthen the membrane itself, oxygen demand will be reduced and lungs will be easier to handle. This can be beneficial during and after breast cancer treatment.


Although yoga is not an alternative treatment or treatment for cancer, it is an effective complementary therapy in the practice of medicine, breathing exercises, stretching and movement.
Yoga experts say that stretching and muscle contraction helps stimulate the lymphatic flow, purifying the body of the fluid that collects the waste.
Yoga has tremendous potential and should be further explored as a viable option for physical activity in survivors of cancer.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

October 10, 2017

PADMASANA: Group of Yoga


                 In Sanskrit, Padmasana comes from the words Padma, or Lotus and Sana, or Seat or Throne. Padmasana is traditionally one of the best attitudes for Pranayama and Pratyahara, because it allows the body to sustain for a long time. As the body stabilizes, the mind becomes calm and provides a solid basis for concentration. Padmasana directs the flow of Prana from Mooladhara Chakra in the perineum to Sahasrara at the head of the head, intensifying the experience of meditation.


                  In all the Asanas, either the left or the right leg may be placed uppermost. It is a matter of personal preference and depends on whichever is more comfortable. Ideally, the leg position should be alternated so that the balance on the both sides of the body is maintained.
Those who suffer from sciatica or weak or damaged knees should not perform these asanas until the elasticity of the knee is developed through the practice of asanas and initial meditation. Padmasana is not recommended during pregnancy because the circulation in the legs is reduced. The counter-meditation given for each asana should also be strictly observed.


  1. Yogamudrasana (Psychic union pose)
  2. Matsyasana (Fish pose)
  3. Gupta padmasana (Hidden lotus pose)
  4. Baddha padmasana (Locked lotus pose)
  5. Lolasana (Swinging pose)
  6. Kukkutasana (Cockerel pose)
  7. Garbhasana (Womb pose)
  8. Tolanguasana (Weighting scale pose)


                  The Asana clear physical, emotional and mental blocks, help awaken the energy centres of body and induce tranquility. They increase the ability to sit in Padmasana for extended periods of time as required or advanced meditation practices, but should only be practiced by people who can already sit in Padmasana without the slightest difficulty or strain. It has a balancing influence on all Chakras.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

October 07, 2017



The word Chandra means ‘moon’. Just as the moon, having no light of its own, it reflects the light of the sun, so the practice of Chandra Namaskara reflects that of Surya Namaskara. The sequence of Asanas is the same as Surya Namaskara except that Ardha Chandrasana, the half moon pose, is performed after Ashwa Sanchalanasana. The inclusion of Ardha Chandrasana is a significant change. This posture develops balance and concentration, adding another dimension to the practice.
Whereas the twelve positions of Surya Namaskara relate to the twelve zodiac or solar phases of the year, the fourteen positions of Chandra Namaskara relate to the fourteen lunar phases. The lunar energy flows within Ida Nadi. It has cool, relaxing and creative qualities. Ida is an introverted, feminine or psychic power responsible for consciousness.

  • "Aum Chandraya Namah"
  • Pronunciation: "Om Chan-dra-yay Nama-hay"

  • It is recommended to learn Surya Namaskara before the Chandra Namaskar process because the position is the same for both, except for one additional posing. Ardha Chandrasana is described as independent practice in the backward bending section.

    Chandra Namasakara is the best practiced in the evening or at night, especially when the moon is visible or at dawn at the time of the full moon. When practicing at night, ensure that the stomach is empty.

    Before beginning Chandra Namaskara, a few moments should be given to prepare the body and mind.
    Stand in the upright position with the feet together, the eyes closed and the arms at the sides, the weight of the body should be evenly distributed on the both feet. Observe any spontaneous movement of the body as it relaxes.
    Gradually become more aware of the natural flow of the breath with each inhalation and exhalation. Then turn the consciousness of movement in the body to the rhythm of breathing. Hold this awareness for a few moments. The moon's bounce penetrates deep into the water, and the cool moonlight shines as it hits the top of the waves as they dance.
    Slowly let the visualization fade and again become aware of the whole body in the standing position.

    • Moon salutations have a very soothing effect on the body as well as on the mind.
    • It is great for days when one is feeling hot headed or over heated.
    • Activation of feminine energy.
    • Generating patience and peace, removing tension, ego and stress.
    • Sun salutation activates the logical and rational mind on the right side of the brain. Moon Salutation does opposite; it activates the left side of the brain and brings creativity in the practitioner’s body.
    • Regular practice of Moon Salutation also enhances the blood circulation in the body and removes lethargy, excessive sleepiness and insomnia.

    Wednesday, 4 October 2017

    October 04, 2017

    Benefits of Yoga.

    Chandra Yoga International School is a certified with Yoga Alliance U.S.A, is in World Capital of Yoga “Rishikesh, India”.
    The benefits of yoga provide both instant gratification and lasting transformation. Yoga can change your physical and mental capacity quickly, while preparing the mind and body for long term health. Our school offers 200 hours & 300 hours yoga teacher training course, yoga retreat classes, yoga workshops and many more classes. Yoga is based on the idea that the mind and body are one.

    If you are a yoga beginner, Hatha yoga, which focused on basic postures at a comfortable pace, would be great for you.  Each yoga position is built to strengthen the muscles around the spine, which is the basis of action. When the core is working properly, the posture is improved. Yoga teaches us that mental knowledge revel only the surface of reality, not the depths of pure consciousness that are boundless to recognize which the mind must become silent and concentrated, receptive to the whole.
    The physical benefits of the ancient practice are too much to count; each body part gains something from every Asana and every breath. Better posture, strength, balance, endurance, coordination, flexibility, steadiness and increase ling capacity are the basic gems one finds when beginning to engage with yoga. Yoga allows spending time with ourselves leading to introspection about our limitation; physically, mentally and emotionally.

    Yoga is the beginning and the end, the past and the future, the eternal essence that we must strive to know so that we can understand the conscious universe in which we live. Then, all life will be yoga and unity will be our main experience of existence.

    Wednesday, 20 September 2017

    September 20, 2017

    Sexual Menu

    As an XXL woman who also likes to revel in good food, I was very happy about the book Aphrodite: A feast for the Senses, by Isabel Aliened. In it, she reports her unwillingness to separate good food from good sex. I personally find that the principles of preparing a good meal and good lovemaking abilities are similar. This inspired me to create this exercise, which is intended to creatively expand our wishes and possibilities and to forge plans to make them a reality.


    Reveling in wishes and fantasized possibilities, with the option to playfully make them real.

    Time and external preparations

    At least an hour. Have various index cards and pens handy.

    Step to step

    v Each person takes about a quarter of an hour to create their lists on three different index cards. List all the makers of pleasure (mouth, fingers, etc.); all the activities of pleasure (stroking, kissing, biting, etc.); and all the recipients of pleasure (clitoris, anus, mouth, etc.).

    v You can then exchange lists. You may, of course, copy from the other person if they’ve listed something that seems pleasurable to you.

    v Then you both discuss which activities listed by either partner are anatomically and acrobatically possible of the enjoyer, and which might be desirable.

    v After that, each of you retreats to your own space and use another, possibly bigger, index card to put together a sexual menu of the things you would most like to enjoy right now. For example, you could write down the ambiance you’d most like to have, which aperitif you’d prefer, what should make up the appetizer list, and the entrees, all the way up to dessert. Be sure to include spices, drinks, and the presentation as well as the dinner music. You can even specify the amount of time to be spent on each course and the participants you would like to include in your love feast. Any ideas that are basically achievable, that are technically and acrobatically performable, and that don’t damage your partner’s dignity are welcome here.

    v From this menu, you can make up a wish list that you might, for example, hand over to your partner before your next birthday. You should indicate that this is not a firm plan, but instead a collection of pleasurable ideas, suggestions for expanding and playfully satisfying your mutual desires.

    v When handing over the wish list, it is important to see it as a present to your partner-a present of openness, expressed through the precise description of your own wishes. It represents taking responsibility for your own needs rather than making the other person try to guess them (yet again.)

    Creative ways to deal with stumbling blocks

    Many women have trouble with classic obstacle phrases like, ‘That’s not going to work,’ or ‘My partner definitely doesn’t want to do that.’ It may be that some desires really don’t work out within a relationship or in a particular situation, however, there are some helpful phrases to remember, like ‘Learn by playing’ and ‘Practice makes perfect.’

    Variations and suggestions

    If these kinds of wish lists tend to increase performance pressure and fear of failure, it is sometimes worthwhile just to exchange lists and talk about them without trying to make them a reality. Doing so may create the possibility of talking about your sexual preferences and about potential pleasure variations.

    Monday, 18 September 2017

    September 18, 2017

    Fantastical Self-Arousal

    This exercise goes a step further than the creative trance-journey, in that fantasies and dreams don’t remain in your head, but rather spread out into your whole body –without the help of any kind of handiwork (like the kind used on the ‘Erotic date').


    Physical self-arousal without any kind of touching – just with your imagination and your breathing

    Time and external preparations

    About thirty minutes; a soft mat and a blanket

    Step by step

    v Lie down or sit comfortably; cover yourself if you like. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing: Breath in deeply – and out again – with the knowledge that with each breath you are drawing new vitality into yourself. When breathing out, let yourself go; let go of your tension, and let yourself come into your own rhythm until it’s easy to let your inhalation and exhalation come and go like waves on the ocean. This is the breath of pleasure, the breath of simple ecstasy.

    v As you continue to breathe in this way, go for a stroll in your inner self – enter the world of erotic images and fantasies. Do you feel what it’s like in this place? What do you see? What do you hear?

    v As you are breathing calmly, go into this room of sensual pictures and become acquainted with it. And when you are ready, approach the pictures and imaginings that give you an erotic tingle that arouses you. Look around until you find some. Instead of pictures, it might be sounds or movements or a feeling, a specific memory, or a physical sensation. Whatever it is, breathe it in completely, deeply. And breathe it out. And in again. As though this imagining could glide through you.

    v Now begin to react to the images and feelings that arouse you. Let yourself be aroused, breathe into them, and let you go – give in completely to the pleasurable thought. And remember, this place inside you belongs to you alone everything is in your hands here. In this place, open up to yourself and feel completely conscious. Allow yourself to increase your arousal with every breath, to let it spread out inside you. Allow you to acknowledge and enjoy being aroused.

    v Allow yourself to linger in this place of arousal, of pleasurable pictures and sensation.

    v Then give it one last glance and get ready to return to the present, to the outside world. Let your breathing grow calmer again and say goodbye to this place. After all, you know you can come back here anytime.

    v Finally, move around and stretch before your open your eyes and get up.

    Creative ways to deal with stumbling blocks

    Even in the fantasy world, the old norms and values can sometimes intrude. It usually helps to take a deep breath and imagine that you are forcefully breathing out all of your old expectations, taboos, commandments, judgments, and thoughts about right and wrong, Allow yourself to recognize you a little more clearly with each breath and to accept your sensations and feelings the way they are right now.
    It may also be that you drift off into destructive, torturous victim fantasies, or that you suffer from the thought of all the pleasurable sex you’ve missed out on in the past. If so, remember that your body is more generous than your mind and maybe it doesn’t feel like sitting in the corner and moping anymore. Maybe a little arousal without too much contact and touching is exactly what your wounded and not-yet-healed heart needs.

    Variations and suggestions

    If it’s possible for you to do this exercise in an open and protected spot in nature, you may feel more closely connected to nature’s pulse. This exercise can also become more intense with each repetition.

    Wednesday, 13 September 2017

    September 13, 2017


    Not only the outer but also the inner flame needs to be fanned, strengthened, and expressed – and the more your body is energetically charged, the more clearly and strongly you will experience all the feelings that are within you. For the maximum strength of feelings, the following holds true: the more you breathe and make sounds and move around, the more charged up you will be. Just try it!


    Discovering, increasing, and expressing your inner fire, and recognizing it in its various forms.

    Time and external preparations

    About an hour, in four phases

    Step by step

    1.     Shaking: for fifteen minutes, shake every part of yourself. Concentrate on leaving your jaw loose, and try out various rhythms, strengths, and combinations of shaking.

    2.     Fire dance: In the next fifteen minutes, moves with drum music and follow your body’s impulses. Pay attention to any and all movement impulses and give in to them; make them stronger and express them, let them spread out. These can be stomping, hopping, dancing, or shaking movements that you can emphasize by making sounds.

    3.     Swinging: lie down and bend your legs; place your feet hip-width apart, and lay your right hand on your yoni and the left one on your heart chakra. Now let your attention and your breath flow between you yoni and your heart for fifteen minutes. This flow of breathing between your lap and your heart is like the breath of Mother Earth, which flows calmly and steadily, and occasionally includes the fiery power of volcanoes. Afterward, slowly open your knees as you inhale, and slowly close them again as you exhale. Imagine that you are resting on Mother Earth like a firebird that is moving its wings in preparations for swooping up into the air and that then lands and files again.

    4.     Landing: this quarter of an hour allows you to increase and spread the relaxation you are feeling. You can stretch out your legs and relax cover yourself, and investigate your breathing, your hands can lie loosely on your yoni and your heart, or pulse, your warmth, and your entire body, which right now may feel more like a bed of calm embers body, which right now may feel more like a bed of calm embers that the shouldering flames of the earlier phases. Allow yourself to experience all your feelings and sensations as they are right now, to feel yourself as you happen to be at this moment.

    Creative ways to deal with stumbling blocks

    Some women are surprised by how exhausted they get in the first two phases or by how restless they feel in the next two. If you become exhausted quickly, make your movements smaller but do not stop moving; if you feel restless, it sometimes helps to deepen your breathing and to concentrate on the parts of your body that you are most conscious of at the moment.

    Variations and suggestions

    In the second phase, it helps to activate your inner fire-woman by imagining that you are a fire or a dancing flame; in doing so, you can experience more of the aggressive, destructive power of fire or its erotic sexual aspect in your imagination and your movements.-

    Tuesday, 12 September 2017

    September 12, 2017

    Rose Ritual

    In early summer, when the first roses bloom, you can also encourage the blooming of tender feelings in your heart through sensual experiences with this flower of love. The rose ritual improves your devotion to your own tenderness.


    Pampering your partner with rose petals, rose scents, and pictures of roses in order to emphasize the tender aspects of her capacity to love.

    Time and external preparations

    About an hour per partner, plus time for an exchange afterward
    In addition:

    v Prepare two bowls, each containing the petals from at least twenty to thirty roses and a rose blossom without stem of leaves.

    v Prepare rose water by adding a few drops of rose oil to water in a spray bottle.

    v Prepare a rose scent in an oil burner (Mexican or Moroccan rose is best since they are less sweet and cloying than tea rose), or light a stick of rose-scented incense.

    v Set aside two rose quartzes.

    v Prepare a sensual love nest on a large mat, decorated with beautiful clothes and maybe surrounded by flowers and ritual objects.

    Step by step

    v The two partners sit facing each other, very close but without actually touching.

    v Both of you close your eyes, lay a hand on your own heart, and breathe deeply and regularly, emphasizing chest breathing, Each of you concentrates on your heart and on the sensations you detect in your heart chakra at this moment.

    v Now each of you imagines that your heart chakra is growing larger and larger with each breath. This is not physical growth, but rather the spread of heart energy within the body. As this area spreads out more and more, you can imagine that a rosebud is slowly growing in your heart region. The rose opens a little more with each breath, letting its beauty bloom forth, and begins to spread its scent through the body. This scent finally flows out beyond the borders of your body and fills the room with the subtle scent of the flower of love.

    v Then each of you takes your free hand and find your partner’s heart hand, laying your hand on top of your partners’. A bond between the roses and the heart energies is created by the flow through your arms and hands.

    v Remain connected with your partner for a while through imagination and touch. Imagine that the scents of your two roses are commingling.

    v Now remove your hands from the other’s chakra. Then your hands from your own hearts. Meditate for a moment and then open your eyes. Look at each other with the wide gaze of an open heart, and allow the other to look into your eyes, seeing all the way to your heart.

    v Now remove your hands from the other’s chakra, then your hands from your own hearts. Meditate for a moment and then open your eyes. Look at each other with the wide gaze of an open heart, and allow the other to look into your eyes, seeing all the way to your heart.

    v Then each of you takes one of the little bowls with the rose petals and the one rose blossom. Pick up the rose, and take turns pulling off petals and laying them in the other’s bowl, along with an honest, heartfelt compliment. If you run out of ideas for compliments, you can always repeat and reinforce those which have already been said.

    v Now agree upon your roles as enjoyer and pleasure companion, which will be reversed at the end.

    v If you’re the pleasure companion, carefully undress the enjoyer and place her clothes to the side, help the enjoyer to lie down comfortably on her back. The enjoyer is allowed to express any last wishes before silently giving in to the subtle pleasures that wait.  Now slowly and carefully begin to place single rose petals on the her body; you can gently use petals to stroke under the recipient’s fingertips, making her aware of the petals’ velvety properties: you can blow little clusters of petals across the recipient’s body; you can cover the body’s openings, folds, and furrows with rose petals, growing more and more unselfconsciously involved in the game yourself.

    Chandra Yoga International, know more 

    v Now give the recipient another chance to express and fantasies or wishes, ways she would like to be touched or covered with rose petals, or be bedded upon them. You can hold an intense rose scent under the recipient’s nose in the form of scented oil, and finally, spray any skin not covered in petals with rose- scented water.

    v The whole time, enjoyed, remember that if a touch or other sensation feels good, take it into your heart with a deep breath and keep it there forever. And if a touch feels unfamiliar or strange, breathe even more deeply in order to see whether or not it feels good. And if something doesn’t feel good, release the feeling with a powerful exhalation. Then give our companion the chance to spoil you even more by telling her, in a brief and friendly manner, what you don’t want or what you would rather have done differently. You can be sure that a companion who is tuned in to your heart will do everything to make the experience better for you!

    v At the end, the companion lays a rose quartz on the recipient’s heart chakra, covers her up if she likes, and leaves her alone for a little while ( without touching her, but also without physically leaving her) so that she can meditate on the various rose- petal touches she has experienced.

    v Now take a short break to rearrange the love nest, get a drink, or go to the bathroom, but without talking too much.

    v After you have exchanged roles and performed the second rose ritual, you can lie beside each other for a while, enjoy a phase of mutual silence, and then discuss what you have experienced.

    Creative ways to deal with stumbling blocks

    Some pleasure companions are afraid they will not think of enough things to do with the petals. It helps to imagine playing like a young child in a summer meadow and to just leave it up to your hands and the specific properties of the rose petals to please your recipient.

    Variations and suggestions

    This ritual can have an even stronger effect if it can be done outside in a sunny summer meadow where there is a gentle breeze, birds are chirping and no human or animal disruption is likely.

    Friday, 8 September 2017

    September 08, 2017

    Erotic date

    Who isn’t familiar with this situation: feeling so sensual, beautiful, and seductive that this would be the perfect moment for an erotic encounter of the best kind. But where is your lover? That is still the great unknown. Squeezing yourself into that hot-looking, tight, sweaty outfit, you look through the events calendar to see if there’s a singles’ disco night somewhere, or wonder whether you’ll have to take in some cultural event in order to maybe chat up an interesting individual at the reception afterward, which might be just enough to transform your slight erotic vibration into nervous displeasure and you turn on the TV. That works, too, but this is exactly the right time for the following game: Make a date! Make a date with a wonderful, tender, passionate woman who just happens to be in the mood. Make a date with yourself!


    In this game, you can get to know yourself all over again and experience the autonomy of the self-loving woman who will do everything in her power to give you maximal sexual pleasure.

    Time and external preparations

    At least thirty minutes, if possible open-ended. It is recommended that you prepare yourself and your love nest the way you would for the first night with a new lover (e.g., with candles, pillows, warmth, music, and pleasure- enhancing objects like feathers, flowers, etc.).

    Step by step

    v  After you have set up the room nicely and maybe showered and put on some lotion, slowly undress and lie down comfortably on your bed.

    v  Lay one hand on your heart and the other on your belly or your pubic hair, and close your eyes.

    v  Imagine that, with the cunning anticipation, pubescent curiosity, and passionate desire of a red-blooded woman, you are meeting and the exciting stranger who is just as aroused as you are.

    v  Since this person doesn’t know you had better tell her or him everything you want them to know about you or be prepared for trial and error.

    v  Now switch back and forth between being the recipient and the giver of pleasure and become more comfortable in each role. As the recipient, give in totally; breathe the other person in deeply and allow yourself to make any sounds or movements that come to you. As pleasure-giver, stroke and caress your lover and enjoy every touch. You fulfill every desire that is acrobatically possible and yourself to enjoy the other’s reaction.

    v  At the end, sink happily into one another until you become one person again and can enjoy the silence afterward without anyone wanting anything from you.

    Creative ways to deal with stumbling blocks

    If you don’t find yourself beautiful or erotic as a lover, imagine that this stranger finds you gorgeous and highly desirable. This person smiles at your attempts to contradict her or him. Do you jump nervously out of bed, or do you give it a try?

    Variations and suggestions

    This game can also be played wonderfully with two people because you can make a mental date with each other (if possible, in different rooms at the same time) and pretend that you are together for the first time. I would postpone the discussion afterward until the next morning. It is important that the listener should understand the fantasy as her partner’s film. For the speaker, it is important that she give her partner so-called undeserved compliments, such as, ‘Oh darling, last night you stroked my flanks so tenderly that little shouts of joy bubbled up out of me,’ rather than nitpicking reproachfully. If you have an open and honest exchange, you give yourselves the chance, even after years together, to learn a lot about the other person and your own reactions.

    Thursday, 7 September 2017

    September 07, 2017

    Camel Ride in Your Own Bedroom

    Some readers have probably ridden a camel before and are thus familiar with that rocking motion in the loins. After the first feelings of strangeness have passed, the ride grows more enjoyable as the rider lets her lower back become more flexible, and the more she passively allows her movements to happen rather than performing them actively. We don’t have to travel to distant lands to experience this sensation. We can enjoy the pelvic swing, familiar to many, under a summer sun or at home in a cozy, warm room filled with the sounds of sensual music.


    Allowing the pelvis to grow softer and more receptive, and letting erotic-sexual energy flow horizontally as well as vertically.

    Time and external preparations

    Twenty minutes and a meditation pillow

    Step by step

    v  Sit up straight so that you can feel your sit bones. Breathing in, let your pelvis swing backward while your rib cage passively bends forward a little. Breathing out, your pelvis will swing gently forward while your upper body swings slightly back. This will help you begin a gentle wave motion. While doing this, imagine that, when inhaling, you are drawing all your energy in and back; when exhaling, you are pushing it forward with opened labia.

    v  Play with different rocking motions, bigger and smaller, faster and slower.

    v  Finally, let the motions grow so small that they are no longer perceptible from the outside; however, the inner wave motion continues.

    Creative ways to deal with stumbling blocks

    If you are trying to do it right no matter what, you maybe straining your pelvis to much. As a result, your movements will become stiff and laborious, instead, make it easy for yourself and rock yourself until you feel like you could keep rocking back and forth forever.

    Variations and suggestions

    If you are sitting across from a partner during this exercise, keep your eyes closed at first so that you can start with yourself. Then you can imagine that you are drawing sexual energy from your partner, and giving it back to that person through you labia when you exhale. Afterward, open you eyes and move your eyelids in concert with your labia. If an erotic charge happens to flow between your pupils, allow this flow and observe it with your inner eye.