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Saturday, 19 August 2017

August 19, 2017

Groaning yoni and laughing belly

This is a good-mood game that is just as strengthening as it is amusing. It doesn’t need to be taken seriously, and it allows us to laugh hysterically for a change.


Improving your expression of fun and pleasure. By artificially expressing erotic desire, yu gradually activate desire’s inherent qualities and the ways they are expressed. This way, the hysterically breathed false tones can become a real expression of feeling, one in which much of what we have been hiding out of shame or embarrassment comes to the surface.

Time and external preparations

Two segments of five minutes each, and a couple of minutes of silence afterward.

Step by step

v  Sit or lie down and lay a hand on your ‘yoni’ (or your Mons venires, if you don’t have very long arms).

v  Close your eyes and imagine that your yoni is in a state of utmost pleasure and needs to express it.

v  Give your yoni a voice, and breathe out sounds of desire; groan, scream, whimper, jubilate, or growl pleasurably. Try out every possible vitiation; and observe how these artificially created sounds feel within you. Exaggerate all sounds, support them with your breath and movements, and become extreme and abandoned.

v  After five minutes, let the sounds and movements ebb away, and lay one hand on your belly.

v  And then start to laugh. Just like that. Start with a loud laugh, laughing at yourself, at both of you, about the latest joke whatever. Laugh; be broad and raucous o giggly and gulping. Let your heart jump with joy or your belly heave with the comedy of the situation. Play with every possible kind of laugh, and exaggerate each one as much as possible. Don’t concentrate too much on your feelings; instead, focus on how they are expressed.

v  After another five minutes, let yourself become calmer and notice the changes in you without trying to evaluate them.

Creative ways to deal with stumbling blocks

If feelings of shame or embarrassment come up, don’t withdraw in silence; instead, express hose feeling in you moaning or laughing.
If a stubborn voice says, ‘I can’t do that on command,’ then let another part of you be amused that it does work, somehow, particularly if you don’t take your little ego so seriously. Even resistance in the form of boredom, or intellectually tearing apart your pitch, can be dissolve by groaning and laughing.

Variations and suggestions

As a couple, the greater shyness that exists is usually only there at the benign; after that, it’s often followed by mutual heating up. Expressing your feelings together gives you inner permission to moan and laugh, that is, to Crete the forms of expression that most easily bring your feelings of desire and pleasure out of the depths and up to the surface.

Friday, 18 August 2017

August 18, 2017


The yab-ym love position

This exercise playfully helps improve your attitude toward breathing together. In conjunction with the sexual heat before or instead of orgasmic ecstasy or even with the exhausted delirium afterward, this position helps steer the fire of love through the chakras and simultaneously fuses one partner to the other person’s chakras.


Playing with lively, creative, nonverbal communication on the lower level of the body, where fire energy melts into a wide lava flow and can be guided through the chakras in all directions by your breathing.

Time and external preparations

About an hour

Step to step

v  Stand belly-to-belly with your partner, and try to breathe alternately, using belly breathing only. When inhaling, one of you fills your belly while the other breathes out and flattens her, when exhaling; the first partner then flattens her belly while the other expands her own. If the alternate breathing works well as a belly-breathing technique, the two of you can look at each other and gradually release yourselves from the close physical contact without changing your alternate breathing.

v  Now stand about two yards apart and king an imaginary ball back and forth. You can catch and bounce the ball with your bellies, helps, feet, heads, and ex. What is important is that you catch or return the ball immediately so that an exchange develops. Bring that wild girl back out of your body’s memory.

v  Next, sit across from each other in the heart-to-heart greeting, without touching, and play a little with the camel ride and sexual breathing until each of you is comfortably rocking by yourself.

v  Now make eye contact, and move closer to each other by sitting close together with your thighs overlapping. Only when the intimacy between you feels right does one its down in the other’s lap. It is important for both to sit up straight and not lean in either direction. You can support yourselves with your hands on the other’s back (i.e., on the rear heart chakra and the rear navel chakra), so that the energy can flow upward or to the other’s chakra more easily. There are many ways to enjoy the energy flow in the yab-yum position, so play with the pelvic rocking motion, with your PC muscle, and your sexual breathing. You can do this in tandem or alternately. When breathing alternately, the bottom partner largely determines the rhythm, but she coordinates with the partner on top.

Creative ways to deal with stumbling blocks

If one partner is too heavy for the other, the heavier one can place a pillow underneath her or himself when on top, so that upper legs exert less pressure. If neither is very flexible in the pelvic region, you can try this exercise on a chair. If both tend toward muscle cramps, you can change positions frequently.

Please remember that this position is usually the product of lengthy practice in sitting poses, a practice that cannot be skipped entirely. So allow yourself to play and experiment, and to feel the effects of different sitting positions on your body.

Variations and suggestion

Rather than having someone’s legs fall asleep or thigh muscles cramp up, you can always sit with your legs draped over each other’s. Again,

Remember: allow as much variation as necessary and as little disruption as possible.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

August 16, 2017

Pleasure as a Way of Meditation

Female vision of joy

The most important organ for the cultivation of love, pleasure, and passion is your heart. The following meditation is concerned with transformational processes and with the subtle energy that is developed by opening the heart chakra.


Giving in to the quieter and more delicate movements, sounds, and emotions.

Time and external preparations

At least an hour in a quiet warm room. You can record the following instructions on a tape ahead of a time so that you can give in completely to your feelings during the meditation.

Step by step

Phase 1:

 Light fountain (standing, fifteen minutes). With your tongue on the roof of your mouth, audibly draw in air through your open mouth until your lungs are completely full. Then breathe out completely, with a long ‘Haaah.’ As you breathe in, draw your hands up over your head with outstretched arms; as you breathe out. Bring them down along your sides. Imagine that white or pastel light is flowing through your whole body as your breathe in, filling you completely, and flowing down the sides of your body as you breathe out. This closes the circle of light. (If you are familiar with breathing and movement, you can experiment with slowly increasing the length of the pauses between breathes in and out.)

Phase 2:

Song of the heart (standing, fifteen minutes). Now imagine that your heart is being filled with delightful warmth with every breath you take in. Your whole heart region grows larger and larger until it finally includes the rest of your body. Accompanied by soft music, let your heart become a musical instrument; let It vibrate, shake, and ring. Find within yourself more and more of your heart’s song. Open yourself with your voice for your inner sounds and noises, and let your hands and arms, as well as your whole body, move with the song. You can let words and sentences come spontaneously, or express yourself in an imaginary language. Give in to the experience completely and become singing!

Phase 3:
Giving in to the light (sitting up straight, fifteen minutes). Sit up on your knees (another straight-backed position would work as well), and stretch your arms upward.  Wait using soft breathing, until you feel full of heart-warmth. Then draw your hands to your heart center, and from there go into a forward bend. Let your forehead and palms rest on the floor until you are completely empty again.

Repeat this process using your own rhythm.

Phase 4:

Silence (sitting or lying on your back, fifteen minutes).
Now you can decide whether you want to be in a sitting or a lying down position. Close your eyes. Let yourself sing into calmness, but remain as awake as possible. Observe everything that enters your field of perception. After about fifteen minutes, stretch your body out well and observe yourself with tenderness and loving attention from within.

Creative ways to deal with stumbling blocks

If, despite all these incitements to joy, you feel more anger or sadness, allow yourself to have these feelings and their corresponding sounds, and play with them inwardly, trying to use and transform their energy. For example, you might transform the energy into joyful, survival-oriented rage or into that small sense of melancholy that can accompany deep, quiet joy.
August 16, 2017

Yoni Breathing

Yoni breathing increases blood and qi circulation, warms up the sexual organs, activates your Shakti power/sexual energy, end tones the lower diaphragms and pelvic floor. It is a good prelude to Ovarian Compression exercises, as well as the Upward Draw and power lock. I call these practices Yoni Breathing rather than Ovarian Breathing because we are engaging more than our ovaries in the breathing process.
While practicing yoni breathing please remember that the release is as important as the squeeze. Tightening and relaxing builds a strong pelvic floor, because a strong muscle is able to both fully contract and fully release. Do not overexert your muscles with mechanical exercise by thinking that more is better. Doing lots of reps of contractions and not fully releasing can cause muscles to become too tight and locked short. Remember to play and feel the whole body move subtly from within, like a jellyfish moves through water.

·         Smile down to your ovaries. Rub your hands until they’re warm, and then rub your ovaries in circles. Spiral the energy in and around the sexual organs. Lift your hand three inches away from the ovaries and feel the aura of the ovaries pulsating.
·         Brush down from the ovaries to the uterus and feel the uterus sucking in the ovarian qi.
·         Inhale and gently squeeze the vagina as if sucking up and pushing down an imaginary jade egg using the three rings of muscles.
·         Blow down internally and lift the pelvic floor at the same time. The belly pushes out. Take notice that when you exhale down your belly pushes out. This is what is called reverse breathing. On the inhalation, the expansion moves into the lower back and the kidneys: on the exhalation the qi pressure builds in the lower dentin below the navel. By sealing the lower gate we retain and build the energy. This action of up and down pumping will tone the internal muscles and warm up the qi.
·         Pump the lower abdomen like a bellows fans a fire with quick forceful exhalations through the nose. This warming breath is called the Breathe of fire. The movement is buoyant, like a golden yo-yo that does not fail to the ground.
·         Continue with this Yoni breathing until a feeling of warmth gathers at the sexual palace (between the ovaries, about four finger-widths from the navel).
·         Breathe rhythmically, with nine quick breaths and one slow, deep pull upward in between. This trains for shallow and deep thrusting in dual cultivation.

Since I have been practicing Yoni Breathing and jade egg and changed my consciousness about sexuality, I am on a big healing path, liberating a lot of shame and experiencing more joy in relationship with myself. My menstruation is much gentler, I have much less pain in premenstruation and less strong bleeding. Since the teacher training I am sharing these practices and women love it!

Monday, 14 August 2017

August 14, 2017

Sex-magical skills

Sexual magic is an integration and development of the previous games and exercises. It has to do with the art of using sexual energy, as the fastest and strongest type of energy we have, to build up a field where all our wishes, goals, and longings gain strength for their fulfillment.
So we use the creative power of our laps and our ability to transform this energy in all directions to make visions materialize; that is, we concentrate this power’s energy so much that it takes on outer forms as well inner ones.

Magic is:

v  Gaining creative power by being in harmony with the world
v  Being on with nature and its laws
v  The playful dissolution of old borders and limitations
v  A double0edged sword: on one hand, a powerful influence toward healing and growth; on the other hand, the destruction of myself or the other

Sex magic is:

v  A delightful meditation that creates a big, wide space where I can plant the seed of my heart’s desires and visions and let it grow
v  An honest desire, benefitting my development, to give maximal power to satisfaction through sexual joys and their expansion
v  The possibility to transform the powers that oppose my magical thinking and goal-oriented actions. This frees further strength for the manifestation of my visions.
v  In short, the most pleasurable way to work powerfully

With sex magic, you can reach goals that benefit you and do not harm other. For example, you can grant visions reality; bring love into the world; and let yourself spread out, attaining healing for yourself and others as well the wisdom of a sympathetic heart.

Time and external preparations

About one or two hours, the exercise can be repeated many times with the same goal (up to twenty-one time, a number of repetitions that helps the experiences become a part of the subconscious, which helps them become habit more easily).

Step by step

Below are listed the steps, roughly in order, by which you access the magical creative power of sexual energy. Each step is made up of a series of activities, some of which have already been described in detail and which I will only mention briefly here.

v  Creating a safe room and a good emotional foundation with each other: Cleansing you inside and out, clearing relationship difficulties out of the way, drawing a protective circle around your mutual pleasure space.
v  Fanning the sexual flames: Sexual breathing, PC muscle contractions. Pelvic rocking: self-love and responsibility for yourself; erotic massages.
v  Awakening the inner magician: A fantasy journey to states of positive power, a creative trance-journey to the ideal inner beloved, fantastical self-arousal.
v  Removing inner hindrances: Letting go of feeling, tuning in on the heart level, showing and healing wounds, the laughing belly.
v  Awakening your wild self: fire-breathing orgasm, meditation of the wild fire-women, dance of the she-demons, groaning yoni.
v  Creating a magical vision: Fantasy journeys (clear goals and visions of the healing, development, and cultivation of your own sexuality); drawing a picture to accompany them; finding a symbol; drawing a new picture with the symbol in the foreground and a simple, easy-to-remember composition.
v  Creating and charging a magical symbol; Taking your partner as strengthener and mirror, chakra wave, chakra breathing.
v  Creating maximal sexual pleasure; MMM, ESO, yab-yum.
v  Fusing orgasmic high paths with magic and with your symbol: When bundling orgasmic energy, intensely imagine the picture of the magic symbol; when distributing the energy, imagine that the symbol is flowing through all your body parts like new information.
v  Projection into the astral net: Releasing the symbol through the seventh chakra, and imagining that the symbol is being breathed upward through the inner flute of the chakras, leaving the material body through the crown chakra, traveling through the aura, and spreading out more and more.
v  Checking the result: Being awake to encounters and events, patient expectation, questions of interpretation.

Creative ways to deal with stumbling blocks

Sometimes the goal is not stated clearly enough, or the symbol is not simplified enough. The result is often confusion in the process. Therefore, keep it short and sweet; simplicity is wisdom.

Variations and suggestions

v  Your personal magic will be stronger the greater your sexual energy is.
v  The creative energy of sexuality is in no way limited to the creation of children.

v  Helpful qualities: patience, being tenacious and watchful, remaining goal-oriented and passive’s.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

August 12, 2017


(Standing Yoga Postures)

When Garudasana is performed the pose of the body appears to be that of an eagle. So this asana is called Garudasana.

Stand erect. Keep the right leg straight leg straight on the ground and bring the left leg over the right thigh above the right knee. The left leg should be entwined around the right leg in the same way as a creeper encircles the trunk of a tree and sticks to it. The left thigh should be entwined around the right thigh. Interlock the arms in the same manner. The palms should touch each other. Arrange the fingers in such ay that they look like the beak of an eagle. Keep the arms in front of the face. Breathe in the normal way. Hold this position for eight to ten seconds. Change the hands and the legs alternately.

(1) This asana strengthen the legs. One can balance the body on one leg.
(2) In this asana, the blood vessels are stretched. So they become strong.
(3) It removes the swelling of cells of the testicles.
(4) It cures rheumatism of the arms and the legs.
(5) It alleviates pain in the thighs and the calf muscles.
(6) This asana is helpful for restraining the mind.
‘Vruksha’ means a tree. In this asana, the body assumes the shape of a tree. So it is called vrukshasana.

 Stand on either leg. If difficulty is experienced to balance the body on one leg, take the support of a wall. Bend the other leg at the knee and place its heel at the root of the thigh of the former leg as shown in the figure. Join the palms and raise the arms straight over the head as if you are making an obeisance to the sky. Straighten the elbows. Inhale slowly. Hold this position for about ten seconds. Then repeat the pose, standing on the other leg. This exercise can be practiced four to six times a day.

 (1) The pose tones up all the joints of the body.
(2) It supplies blood to the blood vessels of the toes, the knees, the elbows, etc. in sufficient quantity.

(3) The hands and the legs become flexible by the practice of this asana. It makes the chest shapely.

Friday, 11 August 2017

August 11, 2017

The Five Orgasm Types

 Point on the compass: north

Element: air
Anatomical characteristics: long, smooth; clit at the end, with a distance between clit and vaginal opening of two to three fingers wide; Labia and hood formed for the same tissue; inner labia thin; deep cave; G-spot deep inside

Lubricant (wetness): very wet
Temperature in cave: warm

Taste: sweet

Preferences: indirect stimulation of the clit by rubbing the hood; long, slow tuning in; oral sex; hard sucking of the labia; pressing or gliding along the hood; rubbing of moons venires

Preferences positions: prefers to be on top; crouching (plucking the pearl from behind, or walking into the lust tunnel)

 Point on the compass: east

Element: water
Anatomical characteristics: many folds in both labia; inner labia overhanging and thick: hood like teepee tent; shallow cave; G-spot halfway between uterus and cave entry

Lubrication (wetness): moist but not wet
Temperature in cave: cool

Taste: salty
Preferences: needs a lot of preparation and tuning in; frequent and long rubbing of clit; oral sex; steady rhythm; playing with folds of Venus lips.

Preferred positions: spoon position or side by side; seesaw movements and sitting intertwined

 Point on compass: south
Element: fire
Anatomical characteristics: big, thin, overhanging inner labia, like bat wings; distance between clitoris and vaginal entry several fingers wide; small hood over clit; moderate length of cave; G-spot in the back; uterus often bent

Lubrication (wetness): wet
Temperature in cave: warm to hot

Taste: sweet-salty
Preferences; likes to be noisy when making love; likes sex right before or during menstruation; strong oral sex; likes clit stimulation only when she is already aroused; likes slow, firm rubbing; thrusting; firm rhythm; rapid penetration with dildos and fingers; strong and fast stimulation when peaking; turned on by fantasies

Preferred positions: all positions except legs up and back

Corn Poppy:
 Point on the compass: west

Element: earth
Anatomical characteristics: clit and vagina very close to each other, or clit part of the opening; often small hood, or clit peeping out; inner labia small; deep, long cave; tight entry, feels at first penetration like a gate with deep cave behind; G-spot close to vaginal opening (easy orgasm possibilities with fingers, dildos, and vibrators in traditional positions)

Lubricant (wetness): dry
Temperature in cave: hot

Taste: sweet to bitter

Preferences: does not like a lot of ‘foreplay’; no oral sex; direct stimulation of clitoris can hurt, indirect stimulation through outer labia is better; deep penetration; fast, thrusting penetration with several fingers

Noon flower:
 Point on the compass; center

Element: mixed qualities from all points of the compass
Anatomical characteristics: clit at the very top; vaginal opening at the very bottom (about three to four fingers distance): consequences; no kinds of visits to the lust cave will indirectly stimulate the clit; small clit with hood, which quickly jumps out when aroused; inner labia narrow; cave moderately deep; G-spot deep and in the back

Lubrication (wetness): moist
Temperature in cave: medium warm

Taste: neutral

Preferences: simultaneous, additional stimulation of pearl when lust tunnel is visited, for example with hand;  soft, light pressure on clit; oral sex; sucking; tongue changing from side to side; rubbing

Preferred positions: pillow under small of the back (different angles); close lust-tunnel wandering; kneeling position with straight back; often needs long stimulation to reach orgasm

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

August 08, 2017

Jade Fountain - Cultivating Your Yoni

The yoni is naturally beautiful
Like a conch shell or an unfolding bud.
Through the yoni we can drink
The fertile nectar from Mother Earth

                                                                                Visit us

The yoni is an interconnected web, a source of pleasure and creative power. It is our wellspring of sexual energy. By subtly articulating the jade Fountain we can move our creative juices through the channels and throughout the body. Being aware of yoni reflexology, we can make conscious connection between the clitoris and hormonal activation, as well as between the yoni canal and the organs. Having a loving relationship with your yoni is vital for your physical and emotional health. This chapter includes a full range of ways to breathe with your yoni and circulate sexual energy.
The yoni is also the entrance to your Core Channel. Along the Core Channel are the sexual organs of the chakras. If you imagine the chakras as flowers, their stem is the spine, their flowers extend to the front, and the stamen and pistil (sexual organs) sit in the Core Channel. By raising the sexual energy, we water these flowers and make them blossom!
v Exploring your inner landscape

·        A Journey to the Jade Fountain

The ancient Taoists regarded the feminine genitalia with respect and admired her natural beauty. They studied her landscape as an art and science. Indeed, the entrance to the yoni temple is a beautiful, natural creation similar to those found in rock crevices, hollows in trees, conch shells, and opening flowers.
              The following descriptive journey into the yoni is inspired by the eloquent, poetic, erotic Chinese language. The terms are italics are direct translations from Chinese: the other imagery is my own. Descriptive terms are followed by the Latin or English equivalents in parentheses.

·        Let’s go on a journey to the headwaters of the jade fountain (vagina).
Imagine you are the size of a peal, walking through the fragrant grosses (pubic hair). Our legs tingle with delight in the swish of the long grasses. Our toes sing tinto the soft moss (pubis). We rest on the hill of long grasses and rushes (mound of Venus) and sigh, “Ahhh”. Approaching the Jade Gate (labia majora), we hear a trickle of water along the smooth pink rocks. Beads of sweat form on our brow as we pass this sacred threshold. The red pearls (labia minora) stand like guardians of the temple and invite us in.

·        We are greeted by the lute strings of the water goddesses (the little piece of flesh in the cleft where the labia minora meet near the clitoral crown, Looking up, we see the arch into the dark garden (clitoral hood) and sense the majesty of the God Field. The magic jewel (clitoral bulb) is glowing and seems to change color! This is truly a magical garden! The wing is fluttering the blanket of lichen draped over the branches (hymen) as we dance through the entrance. Perhaps the veil was broken by another traveler?

·        We retrace our steps carrying the gift of life and land on the meeting of yin (perineum). We feel as if we always belonged here. We rest at the crossroads of the infinity symbol (pelvic floor muscles). The ground of infinite possibilities. We can go anywhere from here.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

August 06, 2017

Jade Egg Practices: The Bathtub Bliss

Divine into Bliss!

Bathtub bliss
Whole body kiss
Swirling and sliding
Floating and gliding
waving seas deep inside me.

Coconut Oil Massage

Before bathing or Showering it feels wonderful to massage your whole body with coconut oil. It  will soak into your skin and scalp to moisturize your skin and prevent drying.
·         Your scalp, face, neck, shoulders
·         Your hands and up your arms to encourage lymph drainage
·         Down your back, kidneys, and sacrum
·         Your buttocks, arching and curling your back
·         Your feet and up your legs
·         Around your belly clockwise

Shower practice

The shower is a great place to massage your breasts and body with soap or yogurt (Indian moisturizer). Work your string in the shower. Give resistance with the string as you inhale, pulling the energy up your spine. Exhale to bring the energy down the Front Channel.

Shores of Dreaming

Soft pink clouds give way
To the rising golden sun.
Fingers touch the silky surface
of skin, familiar yet mystical.
Breathing in musical intervals
in and out of blissful dream.
Shall I dive into the ocean?
How deep are the blue waters?
Washing up on the white shore
 riding the sweat of my lover’s back
We are a dream to live fully
On endless shores of reality.

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Bathing Bliss with Your Jade Egg

You can do any or all of the following exercises whenever you are in the bath.

·        Flying Fish

Plant your feet on the rim of the tub, keeping your knees bent. Open your knees outwars as you inhale.
    Squeeze your thighs together as you exhale, and suck the egg up and pull the string. Feel like a flying fish propelling through the water!

·        Spiral Your Tail

Rest your buttocks on the bottom of the tub. Circle your waist. Exhale, pulling your spine back. Suck up with your egg and pull the string. Inhale, arching your back and expanding your belly upward. The egg will spiral and massage inside your yoni. The water will follow you across your belly and your arched back.

·        Waving Seaweed

Pull the string to the right as you make a C curve with your body and tilt your head to the right. Massage your left breast. Repeat on the other side.

·        Swimming Snake

Place your feet at the end of the tub. Pull the string and allow your body to move in sideways curves. Feel your spine as a snake and your hand as the head of the snake. 

Swimming Snake in Bathtub

Float like pulling a boat. Relax your jaw and hips and joints. Let your hair wave like a mermaid’s.

·        Riding the Sea Horse

Ask your partner or a friend to pull the string sideways and follow it with your body. Surrender to your friend’s impulses. Your partner can massage your breasts at the same time or hold on to your pubic bone, your mound of Venus, and move you sideways or in circular waves, like mini Microcosmic Orbits. This feels like riding a seahorse!
·        Collect Qi

Spiral energy into your Sea of Qi, two finger-widths below your navel, whirling into a vortex. Rest in the peacefulness of your center.

Friday, 4 August 2017

August 04, 2017

Five Element Breast Massage

Feminine meditation for Cultivating Compassion

Sexual energy amplifies our emotional state, so it is very important to transform any excessive “negative” emotions into virtues. Instead, the breasts can be cultivated as melting its for the virtue energies of the organs.

In this massage, we pull sexual energy up to the vital organs and fill the breasts with virtue energy. The order is the creation cycle-the cycle of the seasons-to enhance the growth of virtues and to generate all the five elements. The basic practice for all of the elements and organs is as follows:
·         Pull sexual energy up to the organ, and then massage the high-frequency energy/virtue/pure color/light of the organ into the breast. Use the massage techniques recommended for the individual elements.

·         Massage around the breasts, circling up the inside and down the outside, like a fountain rising from the earth and the Ovarian Palace.

v  Fire Element
Expand the heart’s love into the breasts with warm outward movements. Smile down with sparkling eyes. Pulse the tongue. Fill the breasts with a rose red or pink glow.

v  Earth Element
Swirl saliva and gulp down golden nectar to the spleen to nourish empathy and trust. Breathe up from the earth and pull up the left side of the anus to pump up to the spleen. Pull sexual energy p to the spleen and them up to the breasts. Cup the breasts and shake them. Shimmy the flesh in your breasts to release stress and sticky stagnation. Release anxiety. Vibrate the spleen’s openness and nurturing qualities into the breasts. Trust that the universe will support you. Feel yellow light expand in the breasts.

v  Metal Element
Pull up to the lungs. Breathe the lungs’ strength, courage, and confidence into the breasts by cupping the breasts and moving them in big circles, breathing up and down. Feel your skin breathing, Surrender to the intelligence of the qi. Fill the breasts with a white glow.

v  Water Element
Pull up the back of the perineum/anus to pump qi up to the kidneys. Stroke the gentleness of the kidneys around the base of the breasts, into the lymph nodes around the armpits, into the rib cage and the Kidney meridian along the sternum. Be gentle with yourself. Fill the breasts with a calm blue light. Relax and slow down.

v  Wood Element

Pull up the right side of the perineum/anus to pump up to the liver. Generate the kindness of the liver with rolling, kneading circles-as if you have six petals around each nipple. Fill the breasts with vibrant green light. Check for any lumps or anything unusual in your breasts. Disperse stagnation. Fill the breasts with a green glow.