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Thursday, 23 February 2017

6 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

The key to true mind-body balance? Understanding your body’s natural needs how to cleanse, eat, cook, and heal through each season. In our new course, Dr. Sushil Yogi, founder and head teacher of Chandra Yoga International. Sign up now!!
With shorter days and less sunlight, the long, cold winter can create a sense of loneliness and sadness aka the “winter blues,” says Dr. Sushil Yogi. “According to Ayurveda, winter is Vata season, meaning it’s cold and dry. But there are Ayurvedic practices that can support you in feeling joyous and connected all winter long,” he says. Here are 6 of his favorites, from kirtan to color therapy.
1. Build community or sangha.
Take a class at a yoga Institute/studio, show up a few moments early to chat with other students and the teacher, and hang out afterward for tea/coffee. keep good company; go out to an event. It is easy to hibernate and feel distinct during the winter season. Nothing beats the winter blues like live interactions with positive, like-minded people.
2. Practice kirtan.
Kirtan, the exercise of joyfully singing yogic mantras, shlokas, chants, and songs, which often happens with phrenetic dance, is excellent during the winter season because it is one of the best techniques for feeling emotionally full, satisfied, and content. It is also one of the quickest ways to lift the mood and spirit and feel attached not only to others but to the greater goodness in life. Try to find a kirtan class at a local yoga studio near you.
3. Download some latest yogic music.
Download music that is uplifting, positive, and meaningful to play in the car while you are driving, sing by yourself, or listen to while you stroll. This is specifically great if you cannot get to a kirtan class. The key is to find NEW music, and not go back to music that already has associations for you. Try Krishna Das, David Newman, and Deva Premal.
4. Give yourself color therapy.
Do not get bogged down by wearing dark colors like grays and black. Instead, when you move forward to your closet, pull out royal purples, vibrant reds, and other rich, happy colors to add some color to dreary winter days.
5. Rejuvenated yourself with aromatherapy.
Add a dab of essential oil to your day to day massage oil or put it in a diffuser. Use fragrances that are uplifting, like lemon, orange, eucalyptus, or grapefruit, or sweet smells like lotus or rose. If you are experiencing the winter blues, or feel stressed out or frazzled, try sandalwood scents or lavender. Take in some deep breaths, and feel rejuvenated as the aromas lift your mood.
6. Stoke power in the legs.

Work the legs by adding more lunges and squats to your exercise, practice or workout. Working the legs boost your power, strength, and courage, and lights your emotional fire. You will feel sharper and brighter.