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Saturday, 22 April 2017

How to achieve heart health benefits of yoga

The sedentary lifestyle and the improper eating habits may sometimes lead to severe heart problems. Cardiovascular disease is one of the lethal heart ailment suffered by adults following in the age bracket starting from the mid 30’s onwards. The root cause of cardiovascular disease sometimes links to inactivity, and obesity that lead to the risk for heart disease.

We are living in the age of the 21st century where our lifestyle is being consistently influenced by many bad habits. The social media engagement and fast internet connectivity with a mix of continuous TV viewing make us the couch potato. In heart health facts, the tough professional life laden with stressful routine work too, makes us stressed whenever we are struggling with the complex workload.

Traditional yoga practices carried on by the modern Pranayama unique style of yoga asanas teaching revitalize the body with uplifting energy. Meditation and Pranayama bring the ancient practices of yoga into a modern perspective, providing techniques for students to practice traditional Indian yoga.

Yoga is the best exercise for heart health that is easy to learn and easy to perform

·       Benefits of yoga practice includes gentle stretching exercises that improve muscle flexibility toning ligament and joint function providing strength and endurance.

  • Yoga teaches us to maintain correct body posture that enhance and improve our flexibility. In addition, other ailments like asthma and arthritis revive from yoga practices.

  • Medical science has proved that yoga sessions result in anti-depressive and anti-insomnia effect that let your body feel fitter, relax, recharge and energetic with a bonus dose of happiness and peace.

  • Yoga involves breathing in the form of pranayama that links expanding movements with the breath in, and softening or contracting movements with the breath out, which calms the nerves and moves stress out of the body,”.

  • Traditional Hatha Yoga in combination with various yoga styles like bandhas, mudras, shatkarm and Ashtanga yoga impact in removing extra abdominal fat from the body that has been linked to extend risk for heart disease.

·         For heart health benefits asana is the exercise of putting your body in challenging shapes. Yoga practice tone the body with regular physical activity, helping you to maintain a healthy weight.

This stressful lifestyle is directly proportional to one of the most common medical ailment in the form of hypertension. Yoga lifestyle benefits a lot to make the body healthier through various yoga asana. Yoga session for heart health and exercise burn calories to help reduce weight through the practices of pranayama, and meditation that involves controlled breathing exercises and asana.

Healing powers technique of teaching focus on slow and controlled movement’s body Just as you don't need to be of any one shape or size to practice yoga everyone can and will benefit from the healing nature of yoga.