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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Bells of Love
Cultivating your breasts

The ancient Taoists called the breasts “Bells of Love”
Breasts are gateways to the heart center and female orgasm.
Feel your breasts from within. Ring your bells!

The breasts are essential for cultivating female sexual energy. They are intimately connected to the endocrine glands that produce hormones, which is sexual energy in modern science. Taking good care of our breasts and preventing stagnation is vital for our emotional, energetic, and physical health and well-being.

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The breasts are symbols of sexuality. When we take pleasure in our own breasts and body we feel sexy. We give loving energy to our lover through our breasts. They are the nurturers in our body and embody motherhood. When we accept the size and shape of our breasts we have a positive self – image.
Free Up Your Breasts

Tight bras can restrict circulation in the breast are and compress the tissues and have been linked with breast cancer. Metal also disturbs the qi flow, so I suggest removing the underwire in bras. Just make a small hole on the side and pull the wire out. Feel the freedom of your breath and qi flow when you take off your bra to massage your breasts.
A Practice of self-love

The breasts are the gateway to female orgasm.  When they are opened with love, they heart opens and the yoni-the Jade Fountain-becomes receptive. Explore the dynamic dance of Healing love single and dual cultivation practices with openness and playfulness. Your love life will be greatly enhanced!

Benefits of Breast Massage

Regular breast massage has the following beneficial effects:

Replenishes The Heart. Breast massage develops more softness in the chest area to help open the heart. Women tend to be givers and are devoted to serving others. When we massage our breasts we give back loving attention and replenish our heart, right between the breasts.

Supports our “melting pots.” Sexual energy amplifies our emotional state, so it  is very important to transform and excessive negative emotions into virtues. The breasts are like melting pots for the virtue energies of the vital organs. Breast massage with attention to our emotions brings out the healing qualities of the organs’ energy.
Cleanses and stimulates. Breast massage is a pleasurable way to improve qi circulation and break up stagnation, which can form into cancer. It liberates suppressed emotions, which can accumulate into various forms of dis-ease. Massage makes the body feel loved, which releases growth and anti aging hormones. Breast massage stimulates many erogenous zones and acupressure points around the breasts including points on the kidney, Spleen, stomach, Liver, and Pericardium meridians. Regular practice also helps early detection of anything unusual in the breast tissues. Please share these practices with other women!

Transforms blood into qi.

When and How to Practice Breast Massage
Over the years. I have found the following guidelines to be helpful for getting started with a regular breast massage practice.

Preparing Yourself For Breast Massage
Whenever you practice breast massage, keep in mind the following:

Maintain grounded posture. Sit on the edge of your cushion. Cross-legged, if this is comfortable for you. Or sit in a chair with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Let your heel or a rolled-up towel create gentle pressure on your clitoris. You can also make yourself comfortable by lying in you bed, on moss, or against a tree. You can also stand in a wide horse stance that helps you ground and connect with the earth.

Warm hands.  Pull up sexual energy by flexing the PC muscles. Squeeze the energy into your hands and rub them warm. Use fragrant massage oil if you like.

Love your breasts. Love and accept your breasts as they are. Breathe through the tiny holes in your nipples. Breathe into your heart center. Blossom a deep red rose.  Smile down and feel the breasts glowing with warmth.

Come to chest. This is an effective way to release any heavy emotions that sit on your chest. Place your hands on your chest and blow out “who-o-o-o-o-o-o” Three times into the earth. Rub your hands warm and massage your breasts in both directions (see the Dispersing and Gathering Qi practice below).

Come to peace. Coming to peace with yourself is the best way to master sexual energy. Yin Stillness, emptiness, and receptivity are the womb that gives birth to yang substance and activity.

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