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Friday, 28 July 2017

Cultivating Your Qi
Exploring Sources of Vitality
A tree grows high when it has deep roots.

Whether you are beginning or refining your sexual energy practice it is important to remember that the energy you seek exists all around you in the universe. Your body serves as a conduit of that energy and can also become and amplifier of it with regular Qigong practice.
Create opportunities to bring spirit into matter. We celebrate life as sacred when we bring ritual into our lives, like full moon circles and blessing our holy water.


The Tao is the path of living in harmony with nature. Spend time in nature so that you can learn to feel the vitality all around you. While nature nourishes us all, we receive the fullness of the life force when we are conscious of our connection with it.

Beauty Without and Within

Allow the beauty of nature to caress and nurture your senses. Smile to nature with gratitude and it will “smile back” generously, filling you with natural energy. When we give our gratitude and delight to nature we boost the immune system of the earth, and she needs it! When we smile, our pelvic floor lifts effortlessly and uplifts our creative forces.

Walking in Beauty

Smiling inwardly embraces your body with loving acceptance. Appreciate your unique beauty, and it will glow and grow from within. Coming to emotional, mental, and spiritual peace with you is the key for preventing illness and enhancing health. This natural self-confidence will reverberate into more harmonious relationships with the world around you.

·        Beauty Walk

Press the “sex points”- the dimples beside your upper sacrum. This will open your chest and express confidence.
As you walk, squeeze the buttock on the side where you are stepping. This will bounce sexual energy upward and give your awareness of your beautiful behind! Feel the trail of conscious beauty you are leaving behind you.

·       Sensual Walk

Feel your sensual curves and the natural sway of your hips and shoulders. Walk as if moving through liquid honey. Sigh and relax. Imagine that you are carrying a vase on your head as you walk with graceful poise. Caress the earth with your bare feet. Fell the breeze on your skin, smell the fragrances. And delight in all the colors around you. Breathe it all in!

·         Nature Qigong

Make a pint of stepping outdoors to directly experience nature’s vitality. Learn to feel and interact with the qi all around you and you will find your own energy resources expanding. Find a tree that attracts you. Step into its aura with reverence. Hugging trees is comforting and stabilizing.

v  Tree Qigong

Release excess negative emotions with the healing sounds and channel them down from the tree’s leaves and branches through the trunk and roots into the earth. Negativity will be composted and neutralized by the earth. Human emotions, like the carbon dioxide we breathe out, serve as food for the trees, just as their fresh oxygen is necessary to us.
Qi moves Loves
Love moves Qi
When Qi moves, I sing
When Qi moves, I dance
When Qi moves, I smile
Breath moves through me
Breezes blow through trees

Community flows as one


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