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Friday, 7 July 2017


Many different feminine qualities exist within the feminine essence. By exploring various archetypes of the feminine, we can experience a fuller range of our divine essence.

Archetypes of the Seasons
The cycle of a women’s life turns with the wheel of yin and yang. As we pass through the seasons of our life, we pass through four archetypes.

Spring: We emerge into our maiden aspect. The virgin or maiden is associated with innocence, youthfulness, birth of new life, and finding boundaries. Her qi is uprising and buoyant.

Summer: As energy builds into full yang we step into the wild woman aspect-out full and blossoming nature. The wild woman dances with wild, spontaneous energy! The lover or wild woman is associated with expansive experiences, adventure, romance, and ecstasy.

Autumn: After the wildness we may choose to channel energy into motherhood, creating, or healing. We become the archetype of the Mother, Healer, and the Creatrix, who is associated with channeling energy into manifestation, healing, and transformation.

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Winter: Drawing our energy into our core, we become the wise woman or crone, who is associated with extracting the essential out of all experience in the form of wisdom. The blood stops flowing out, stays within, and returns to the heart in order to nourish spiritual development. The ultimate dissolving into the yin is to pass through the space between worlds-to leave the physical body and enter the spirit world. The wise woman knows the way, supporting the eternal cycles of life and immortal seed of life within.

Weaver of the women's web

Individual women may embody one archetype more than the others; on the journey to greater wholeness we can play with stepping into the shoes of other archetypes. Men are natural “hunters” and the hunt, or at least notice, different flavors of the feminine. If you embody these different flavors yourself, this nourishes the men in your life.

Full-Spectrum Goddess
Chorus of the song:
Yes, I’m a full-spectrum goddess
So many flavors
That no man can guess

I’ve got a wise woman in my bones
Her ancient roots stem beyond the known

Full spectrum goddess

I’ve got a sweet girl in my smile
Her joyful heart shines for miles and miles

I’ve got a warm mother in my womb
Creating life from moon to moon

I’ve got a sexy lover in my blood
Her passion swells in blissful floods


So many flavors (3x)
Only goddess can guess!


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