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Monday, 10 July 2017

Know How The Shamanic Power of Animals Can Help You In Tantric Yoga.

Embodying the Shamanic Power of Animals

Tantric Yoga exercises provide another way of boosting and circulating your sexual energy. The postures below will help you embody the power of animal and the greater cosmos.

        The animal nature within us is sexual, innocent, and pure in expression. When we move like animals. Raw instinct fills us with sexual power and sensuality. Our awareness embraces the movements with sexual power and sensuality. Our awareness embrace the movements with dangerous beauty: we awaken our ability to ravish and be ravished. We come alive by returning to nature and moving beyond habitual contractions.

         Recall a time when your beloved was coming toward you. Feel the excitement in your heartbeat and the rush of blood as you run to him or her! It is spontaneous and alive!


Sit on the floor with the soles of your feet together, knees out to the side.
You might need to sit on something. As you bend your head toward your feet, press your knees down to open the hips. In this postures, practice the Crane and Turtle Neck to open the throat Chakra. This wave makes the spine fluid, the superhighway for your energy.

*Crane Neck

Begin with the butterfly posture. Bend forward with a flat back, reaching your chin out to open your throat chakra. Exhale down the front of the body. Drop your head, chin in. Inhale up the spine, rolling up with a round back. Press your knees down to open your hips. Lengthen your neck at the top. Circulate  qi in the fire cycle-up the back and down the front.
           This practice can also be done in a standing position.
*Turtle Neck

Begin with the butterfly posture. Exhale and curl down, melting your solar plexus. Stick out your chin to come up, like a turtle emerging out of its shell, as you inhale (Fig.). Press your knees down to open your hips. Roll down with a round back and rise up with a flat back.

Turtle Neck in Butterfly Position.

 Circulate the qi in the water cycle-up the front and down the back. Stretch the conception Vessel (front channel) by stretching your tongue into the Heavenly Pool (back palates) as if you were licking up an ice cream core or a lingam!
       This movement reminds us how a baby is born. As if you were coming out of the womb, tuck in your chin, then brush along the inner sacrum and lift your back crown to emerge. Breathe in a circle and make a small circle with your nose like you are nuzzling up to your lover. Gather qi in your saliva and gulp it down. Swallow down the flavors. Brush down your chest.



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