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Saturday, 29 July 2017


Each of us moves through multiple stages of development from child-hood to adulthood and beyond. While the times of transition can be difficult, the essence within us seeks to evolve and can help us move from each stage to the next. That essence, in the form of sexual energy.  Exists in the body from the time of conception and is cultivated throughout our lives.
Ø  I n the fetus. Sexual energy is creating a body.
Ø  In childhood, sexual energy prepares the body for puberty.
Ø  During the teen years. Its natural desire is hunting for a mate.
Ø  During adulthood, it is creating family. Service and tribe.
Ø  In elder time, sexual energy moves more inward into wisdom.
We can help ourselves and those around us move through the stages of womanhood with grace by supporting the appropriate expressions of sexual energy at each stage. The supportive practices mentioned in this chapter will be explained further in following chapters.

Teen Development

The teen years are an exceptional time of physical, emotional, and sexual development. Supporting young girls as they approach these tumultuous changes will help them become the strong. Multifaceted women they are meant to be.

Physical Development

It is important for young women to prepare their bodies to be strong enough to carry another being inside of them. Pregnant women must produce sufficient blood to nourish the growing fetus. Her physical body needs to be strong enough to carry a child. For this she needs a good diet and exercise.

   In most schools, Competitive sports are the basis of physical education. This can be very invigorating and develops the masculine edge, which thrives on challenge. To create wholeness within young women, inclusive and expressive activities like creative dance will bring out the feminine qualities of grace, flow, and connection. Qigong, which plays with archetypal animal movements and powers, encourages a range of expression such as the strength of the tiger and magic of the dragon. The emergence of the Divine Feminine begins with the education of the girls!

Emotional Development

It’s important to give teens an opportunity to be teens. Although learning to be responsible and caring for their family and environment is good practice, too much responsibility can be a burden. Be mindful that your teens do not play parental roles for their siblings or even their parents.                      
Teens need to act out their rebellious qi without harming anyone.  Rebellious qi will create new revolutions for all of us.

Body Image

Teenage girls should be encouraged to accept their bodies just as they are, whatever their shape, size, and fitness level, through this acceptance they will love and take care of themselves.
Through praise and encouragement, parents play an important role in helping young men and women to see their unique beauty. Teens should be encouraged to practice the Inner smile by smiling lovingly to themselves in the mirror. Perhaps gentle reminders like “I love myself” can be posted on the mirror. This self-love will show as an unmistakable inner glow.

Girls should be encouraged not to wear underwire bras as they can disturb breast development by cutting off the flow of qi. Breasts need room to grow! A plant in a small pot will not grow to its full potential. Girls can be thought to massage their breasts, which will encourage them to grow firm, full, vibrant, and just the right size for them.


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