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Friday, 7 July 2017

Tantric Arts for Women- (Emergence of the Divine Feminine)

Emergence of the Divine Feminine

The secret of Jade Egg Practice

The secret of Jade Egg Practice was developed by the three female ad visors to make the vagina articulate and sensitive, so that a woman could play with the Emperor’s Jade Stalk and give him an orgasmic experience while he was withholding ejaculation. The ad visors impressed on him the importance of circulating the sexual energy throughout his whole body, providing full body orgasm, thus preventing genital orgasm and losing his vital essence. The jade egg was placed inside the vagina and moved in such a way that it would massage the reflexology zones of the vital organs. The jade egg practices have the result of lessening blood loss and discomfort during menstruation because the blood is transformed into qi and circulated through the body to nourish the soul and spirit.

The wisdom of these feminine mystics still exists within the Taoist Healing Love practices and is continually developed by modern women who are neither concubines nor nuns. The Tao Tantric Arts training offers women and men these sacred practices adapted to support the need of modern life.*

Taoist Secrets Comes to the West

In the 1950s and ‘60s, yogic and tantric practices from the Hindu traditions were being discovered in Europe and eventually came to North America. Many of these yogic traditions emphasized celibacy as a way to conserve sexual energy for yogic development.

In 1980, Mantak Chia came to New York and began to teach Chinese people there how to open the Microcosmic Orbit. His teacher in China had stressed to him the importance of teaching Chinese people. Westerners then heard of master Chia’s teachings and asked him to teach them. He developed workshops and began to teach in the United States and Europe.
Prior to this, sexual practices had been held secret in China. Taoist master kept them secret, and also made a business of teaching them. These masters felt that sexual energy was too powerful and that most people’s moral development wasn’t sufficient to deal with it. In the universal Healing Tao system that that Chia founded, however, the issue of the moral development was integrated into the system: the safety value for working with volatile sexual energy is to cultivate emotional harmony through the Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds, to integrate and harmonize it with the Microcosmic orbit, and to ground it with Iron Shirt Qigong.

Through his teaching, Mantak Chia stressed that the Taoist practices are a science for health and longevity. They are food for developing the soul and spirit. He saw that these practices were badly needed in the Western world to free up our repressed sexual energy and to transform our world. Other pioneers like the Microcosmic Orbit by requiring them to do thousands of prostrations.

We are so fortunate today that we can easily discover how different spiritual traditions deal with sexuality. The secrets are now open secrets that we can apply in our lives! 


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