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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Fire - Breathing Orgasm

With this breathing exercise, which may initially seem a little complicated, orgasm can be experienced not as high points, but rather as wonderfully orgasmic high paths – without any of the usual physical contact. Only with the power of your consciously directed breath can you create arcs of fire that charge up all your chakras and connect them to one another – more powerfully in the lower regions, more tenderly in the upper ones.


Reaching an orgasmic state of energy after being purified and after charging the seven main chakras

Time and external preparations

About one hour, plus some time to relax after this journey through the depth of your body and soul, If you like to express your feelings by moving, makes sure you have enough space to do so. If you like to make sounds, make sure you can do so without a friendly neighbor trying to help you.

Step by step

v Lie down comfortably on your back (without any pillow!) and take several deep, relaxing breaths.

v Visualize and feel how you are drawing earth energy into your first chakra as you breathe in. Fill the root of your being with the life force of your deep inhalation. Remind yourself, here and in the other chakras, of the chakra’s characteristics that have been described earlier.

v When the root chakra is completely filled, draw your life chakras. Become aware of the circular, rocking movements that this creates between the first and second chakras. You might want to imagine a powerful arc of fire that is shooting up within you and flowing back down your front.

v Continue with this circular energy notion from the first to the second chakra until the energy there really feels full.

v Now enlarge the circle from the first to the third chakra, the solar plexus chakra.

v Continue making smaller and larger chakra circles until each chakra feels full: from one to two and one to three, from two to three and two to four, from three to four and three to five, from four to five and four to six, from five to six and five to seven, from six to seven, and finally a really big circle from seven to one and one to seven.

v Afterward, it is important that you allow yourself a long period of undisturbed peace and meditation (at least thirty minutes; for intense experiences even several hours), so that the awakening fire energy can spread through you in more and more subtle flames.

Creative ways to deal with stumbling blocks

v If the energy builds up too strongly in your chest, let it flow out upward by leaning your head back. It can be useful to make sounds so that the energy is not blocked by the throat chakra.

v If you have problems building up energy, it can help to return to the first chakra and start over again.

Variations and suggestions

v Take your time and be patient. You don’t need to feel anything special, but you can notice everything and don’t have to push anything away.

v If possible, practice several times a week. Soon you will be able to let the flow of the fire breathing happen spontaneously.

v If both you and your partner want to, you can do this sequence in the bonding position, lying one on top of the other with stomachs touching (see illustration). The person on top lays her head on a small pillow next to the lower partner’s head. You only touch foreheads when focusing on the two uppermost chakras. So that you can coordinate, the person on the bottom determines when you will move to the next chakra circle, tapping with her fingers on her partners back to indicate the location of each new chakra. You should switch before it gets uncomfortable for either.

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