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Friday, 4 August 2017

Five Element Breast Massage

Feminine meditation for Cultivating Compassion

Sexual energy amplifies our emotional state, so it is very important to transform any excessive “negative” emotions into virtues. Instead, the breasts can be cultivated as melting its for the virtue energies of the organs.

In this massage, we pull sexual energy up to the vital organs and fill the breasts with virtue energy. The order is the creation cycle-the cycle of the seasons-to enhance the growth of virtues and to generate all the five elements. The basic practice for all of the elements and organs is as follows:
·         Pull sexual energy up to the organ, and then massage the high-frequency energy/virtue/pure color/light of the organ into the breast. Use the massage techniques recommended for the individual elements.

·         Massage around the breasts, circling up the inside and down the outside, like a fountain rising from the earth and the Ovarian Palace.

v  Fire Element
Expand the heart’s love into the breasts with warm outward movements. Smile down with sparkling eyes. Pulse the tongue. Fill the breasts with a rose red or pink glow.

v  Earth Element
Swirl saliva and gulp down golden nectar to the spleen to nourish empathy and trust. Breathe up from the earth and pull up the left side of the anus to pump up to the spleen. Pull sexual energy p to the spleen and them up to the breasts. Cup the breasts and shake them. Shimmy the flesh in your breasts to release stress and sticky stagnation. Release anxiety. Vibrate the spleen’s openness and nurturing qualities into the breasts. Trust that the universe will support you. Feel yellow light expand in the breasts.

v  Metal Element
Pull up to the lungs. Breathe the lungs’ strength, courage, and confidence into the breasts by cupping the breasts and moving them in big circles, breathing up and down. Feel your skin breathing, Surrender to the intelligence of the qi. Fill the breasts with a white glow.

v  Water Element
Pull up the back of the perineum/anus to pump qi up to the kidneys. Stroke the gentleness of the kidneys around the base of the breasts, into the lymph nodes around the armpits, into the rib cage and the Kidney meridian along the sternum. Be gentle with yourself. Fill the breasts with a calm blue light. Relax and slow down.

v  Wood Element

Pull up the right side of the perineum/anus to pump up to the liver. Generate the kindness of the liver with rolling, kneading circles-as if you have six petals around each nipple. Fill the breasts with vibrant green light. Check for any lumps or anything unusual in your breasts. Disperse stagnation. Fill the breasts with a green glow.