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Friday, 18 August 2017


The yab-ym love position

This exercise playfully helps improve your attitude toward breathing together. In conjunction with the sexual heat before or instead of orgasmic ecstasy or even with the exhausted delirium afterward, this position helps steer the fire of love through the chakras and simultaneously fuses one partner to the other person’s chakras.


Playing with lively, creative, nonverbal communication on the lower level of the body, where fire energy melts into a wide lava flow and can be guided through the chakras in all directions by your breathing.

Time and external preparations

About an hour

Step to step

v  Stand belly-to-belly with your partner, and try to breathe alternately, using belly breathing only. When inhaling, one of you fills your belly while the other breathes out and flattens her, when exhaling; the first partner then flattens her belly while the other expands her own. If the alternate breathing works well as a belly-breathing technique, the two of you can look at each other and gradually release yourselves from the close physical contact without changing your alternate breathing.

v  Now stand about two yards apart and king an imaginary ball back and forth. You can catch and bounce the ball with your bellies, helps, feet, heads, and ex. What is important is that you catch or return the ball immediately so that an exchange develops. Bring that wild girl back out of your body’s memory.

v  Next, sit across from each other in the heart-to-heart greeting, without touching, and play a little with the camel ride and sexual breathing until each of you is comfortably rocking by yourself.

v  Now make eye contact, and move closer to each other by sitting close together with your thighs overlapping. Only when the intimacy between you feels right does one its down in the other’s lap. It is important for both to sit up straight and not lean in either direction. You can support yourselves with your hands on the other’s back (i.e., on the rear heart chakra and the rear navel chakra), so that the energy can flow upward or to the other’s chakra more easily. There are many ways to enjoy the energy flow in the yab-yum position, so play with the pelvic rocking motion, with your PC muscle, and your sexual breathing. You can do this in tandem or alternately. When breathing alternately, the bottom partner largely determines the rhythm, but she coordinates with the partner on top.

Creative ways to deal with stumbling blocks

If one partner is too heavy for the other, the heavier one can place a pillow underneath her or himself when on top, so that upper legs exert less pressure. If neither is very flexible in the pelvic region, you can try this exercise on a chair. If both tend toward muscle cramps, you can change positions frequently.

Please remember that this position is usually the product of lengthy practice in sitting poses, a practice that cannot be skipped entirely. So allow yourself to play and experiment, and to feel the effects of different sitting positions on your body.

Variations and suggestion

Rather than having someone’s legs fall asleep or thigh muscles cramp up, you can always sit with your legs draped over each other’s. Again,

Remember: allow as much variation as necessary and as little disruption as possible.

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