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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Gladdening the heart in three-part harmony

Most of us are used to sharing the most imitate spaces of our lives with, at most,  one person we trust. That’s often brave enough. Here we go a step further, with three-way erotic pampering where each person can have the wonderful experience of being spoiled by two stroking organism. This means no longer registering the individual touches separately, and as a result being able to succumb even more and to revel in your own pleasure. Corresponding to the tantric teaching of the spots where kisses are usually the most effective, here various sports are visited and tenderly spoiled. And through deep breaths on the heart level, each little gratification gladdens the heart as well.

Many women have had painful experiences in which they actually wanted to experience more sensual-erotic pleasures but then felt compelled to have sexual contacts, or at least they placed themselves under that kind of pressure. What I describe below is a very strictly regulated massage that can create a counterbalance to this negative, automatic impulse, as long as all three agree ahead of time that they are meeting to perform this ritual without having any claims on one another later.


Gladdening the heart by experiencing tenderness, gentleness, and eroticism without sexuality in the narrower sense and without the expectation that these feelings can be experienced only with a high degree of intimacy between two people

Time and external preparations

Three segments of about an hour each, with breaks and time for discussion and conclusion afterward, you may need a blanket. As preparation for a particularly effective massage, it is recommended that you take a few minutes to practice sexual breathing, which is felt especially at the heart level, or, if you love one another already, you can indulge in a little round of compliments and caresses.

Step by step

v  As the enjoyer, you alone determine the places where you do not want to be touched at all, or not in a certain way; you can, of course, change your mind at anytime during the massage and let the others know. The same applies if you would like to receive gentler or firmer touches. The pleasure companions should see themselves as givers and servants of the person being massaged.

v  In this erotic massage, various erogenous zones are touched in the following specific order:

 --------- First very gently with the fingertips
--------- Then with the breath, blowing hot or cold
--------- And finally with the tip of the tongue

v  As the recipient, begin by lying on your stomach, your forehead supported on your hands. Pleasure companions, after briefly consulting and agreeing on how nonsymmetrical zones in the three ways described above:

---------The recipient’s neck area and sacrum
-------- The knee joints and inner thighs

v  Now carefully roll the enjoyer over onto her back, and touch the following erogenous  zones in all three ways:

--------- Both pinky fingers
--------- Both ears
--------- Lips and navel
-------- Breasts, including the nipples
---------public bone and inner thighs
--------- Both big toes

v  Throughout this whole experience, enjoyer, your main job is to use your breathe to guide all these pleasant sensations into your heart region, and to take them in like delicious food for the soul. If an unpleasant memories come up, you should halt the memories immediately and breathe out forcefully, imagining that you are passing this experience into the ground or the air.

v  In order to let all these touches take their effect inside her without distraction, the recipient is left alone of a moment at the end (covered up, if she likes).

v  When changing roles, a short transitional action is recommended, such as shaking yourselves, drinking water, or changing the much, without too much talking.

v  The in-depth discussion happens after the exercise has been completed.

Creative ways to deal with stumbling blocks

When partners like each other very much but don’t know each other very well yet, there is often resistance to the licking –on the part of the recipient, the companions, or all three. It is important here to set boundaries right away, rather than being disgusted or feeling otherwise uncomfortable. Instead of licking, you could, for example, use your fingers to drip water from a small bowl onto each spot.

The recipient may not want to be touched in certain places. It is important that her companions truly respect this. If the recipient feels that her boundaries are being acknowledged and respected, she may try expanding them a little herself. (This is completely different from crossing someone else’s boundaries)



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