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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Groaning yoni and laughing belly

This is a good-mood game that is just as strengthening as it is amusing. It doesn’t need to be taken seriously, and it allows us to laugh hysterically for a change.


Improving your expression of fun and pleasure. By artificially expressing erotic desire, yu gradually activate desire’s inherent qualities and the ways they are expressed. This way, the hysterically breathed false tones can become a real expression of feeling, one in which much of what we have been hiding out of shame or embarrassment comes to the surface.

Time and external preparations

Two segments of five minutes each, and a couple of minutes of silence afterward.

Step by step

v  Sit or lie down and lay a hand on your ‘yoni’ (or your Mons venires, if you don’t have very long arms).

v  Close your eyes and imagine that your yoni is in a state of utmost pleasure and needs to express it.

v  Give your yoni a voice, and breathe out sounds of desire; groan, scream, whimper, jubilate, or growl pleasurably. Try out every possible vitiation; and observe how these artificially created sounds feel within you. Exaggerate all sounds, support them with your breath and movements, and become extreme and abandoned.

v  After five minutes, let the sounds and movements ebb away, and lay one hand on your belly.

v  And then start to laugh. Just like that. Start with a loud laugh, laughing at yourself, at both of you, about the latest joke whatever. Laugh; be broad and raucous o giggly and gulping. Let your heart jump with joy or your belly heave with the comedy of the situation. Play with every possible kind of laugh, and exaggerate each one as much as possible. Don’t concentrate too much on your feelings; instead, focus on how they are expressed.

v  After another five minutes, let yourself become calmer and notice the changes in you without trying to evaluate them.

Creative ways to deal with stumbling blocks

If feelings of shame or embarrassment come up, don’t withdraw in silence; instead, express hose feeling in you moaning or laughing.
If a stubborn voice says, ‘I can’t do that on command,’ then let another part of you be amused that it does work, somehow, particularly if you don’t take your little ego so seriously. Even resistance in the form of boredom, or intellectually tearing apart your pitch, can be dissolve by groaning and laughing.

Variations and suggestions

As a couple, the greater shyness that exists is usually only there at the benign; after that, it’s often followed by mutual heating up. Expressing your feelings together gives you inner permission to moan and laugh, that is, to Crete the forms of expression that most easily bring your feelings of desire and pleasure out of the depths and up to the surface.

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