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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Jade Egg Practices: The Bathtub Bliss

Divine into Bliss!

Bathtub bliss
Whole body kiss
Swirling and sliding
Floating and gliding
waving seas deep inside me.

Coconut Oil Massage

Before bathing or Showering it feels wonderful to massage your whole body with coconut oil. It  will soak into your skin and scalp to moisturize your skin and prevent drying.
·         Your scalp, face, neck, shoulders
·         Your hands and up your arms to encourage lymph drainage
·         Down your back, kidneys, and sacrum
·         Your buttocks, arching and curling your back
·         Your feet and up your legs
·         Around your belly clockwise

Shower practice

The shower is a great place to massage your breasts and body with soap or yogurt (Indian moisturizer). Work your string in the shower. Give resistance with the string as you inhale, pulling the energy up your spine. Exhale to bring the energy down the Front Channel.

Shores of Dreaming

Soft pink clouds give way
To the rising golden sun.
Fingers touch the silky surface
of skin, familiar yet mystical.
Breathing in musical intervals
in and out of blissful dream.
Shall I dive into the ocean?
How deep are the blue waters?
Washing up on the white shore
 riding the sweat of my lover’s back
We are a dream to live fully
On endless shores of reality.

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Bathing Bliss with Your Jade Egg

You can do any or all of the following exercises whenever you are in the bath.

·        Flying Fish

Plant your feet on the rim of the tub, keeping your knees bent. Open your knees outwars as you inhale.
    Squeeze your thighs together as you exhale, and suck the egg up and pull the string. Feel like a flying fish propelling through the water!

·        Spiral Your Tail

Rest your buttocks on the bottom of the tub. Circle your waist. Exhale, pulling your spine back. Suck up with your egg and pull the string. Inhale, arching your back and expanding your belly upward. The egg will spiral and massage inside your yoni. The water will follow you across your belly and your arched back.

·        Waving Seaweed

Pull the string to the right as you make a C curve with your body and tilt your head to the right. Massage your left breast. Repeat on the other side.

·        Swimming Snake

Place your feet at the end of the tub. Pull the string and allow your body to move in sideways curves. Feel your spine as a snake and your hand as the head of the snake. 

Swimming Snake in Bathtub

Float like pulling a boat. Relax your jaw and hips and joints. Let your hair wave like a mermaid’s.

·        Riding the Sea Horse

Ask your partner or a friend to pull the string sideways and follow it with your body. Surrender to your friend’s impulses. Your partner can massage your breasts at the same time or hold on to your pubic bone, your mound of Venus, and move you sideways or in circular waves, like mini Microcosmic Orbits. This feels like riding a seahorse!
·        Collect Qi

Spiral energy into your Sea of Qi, two finger-widths below your navel, whirling into a vortex. Rest in the peacefulness of your center.


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