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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Jade Fountain - Cultivating Your Yoni

The yoni is naturally beautiful
Like a conch shell or an unfolding bud.
Through the yoni we can drink
The fertile nectar from Mother Earth

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The yoni is an interconnected web, a source of pleasure and creative power. It is our wellspring of sexual energy. By subtly articulating the jade Fountain we can move our creative juices through the channels and throughout the body. Being aware of yoni reflexology, we can make conscious connection between the clitoris and hormonal activation, as well as between the yoni canal and the organs. Having a loving relationship with your yoni is vital for your physical and emotional health. This chapter includes a full range of ways to breathe with your yoni and circulate sexual energy.
The yoni is also the entrance to your Core Channel. Along the Core Channel are the sexual organs of the chakras. If you imagine the chakras as flowers, their stem is the spine, their flowers extend to the front, and the stamen and pistil (sexual organs) sit in the Core Channel. By raising the sexual energy, we water these flowers and make them blossom!
v Exploring your inner landscape

·        A Journey to the Jade Fountain

The ancient Taoists regarded the feminine genitalia with respect and admired her natural beauty. They studied her landscape as an art and science. Indeed, the entrance to the yoni temple is a beautiful, natural creation similar to those found in rock crevices, hollows in trees, conch shells, and opening flowers.
              The following descriptive journey into the yoni is inspired by the eloquent, poetic, erotic Chinese language. The terms are italics are direct translations from Chinese: the other imagery is my own. Descriptive terms are followed by the Latin or English equivalents in parentheses.

·        Let’s go on a journey to the headwaters of the jade fountain (vagina).
Imagine you are the size of a peal, walking through the fragrant grosses (pubic hair). Our legs tingle with delight in the swish of the long grasses. Our toes sing tinto the soft moss (pubis). We rest on the hill of long grasses and rushes (mound of Venus) and sigh, “Ahhh”. Approaching the Jade Gate (labia majora), we hear a trickle of water along the smooth pink rocks. Beads of sweat form on our brow as we pass this sacred threshold. The red pearls (labia minora) stand like guardians of the temple and invite us in.

·        We are greeted by the lute strings of the water goddesses (the little piece of flesh in the cleft where the labia minora meet near the clitoral crown, Looking up, we see the arch into the dark garden (clitoral hood) and sense the majesty of the God Field. The magic jewel (clitoral bulb) is glowing and seems to change color! This is truly a magical garden! The wing is fluttering the blanket of lichen draped over the branches (hymen) as we dance through the entrance. Perhaps the veil was broken by another traveler?

·        We retrace our steps carrying the gift of life and land on the meeting of yin (perineum). We feel as if we always belonged here. We rest at the crossroads of the infinity symbol (pelvic floor muscles). The ground of infinite possibilities. We can go anywhere from here.


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