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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Opening the Inner Flute

The inner flute is an image which implies that your breath and your energy space are like the bamboo flute, whose notes are produced by playing on its holes/funnels (analogous to the chakras) and create the individuality of each person. The inner flute is a magical instrument through which all the chakras can be connected by the air you breathe. If you cannel sexual energy through the flute from the depths of your lap, you spread the fire of love through your whole body. Since most human flutes are blocked in various places by painful, frightening, or restrictive experiences, there are many exercise to free up the flow of breathing and life energy. These exercises work best when we use the first key and the third key to the gates of physical pleasure.


Becoming conscious of the inner channel through the middle of Yoga body, along your spine between the pelvic floor and the brain. When the flute is open, energy moves through the body and connects the chakras, and then we are able to enjoy great pleasure and energy. This breathing opens the door for orgasms that take hold of the entire body, as well as orgasms that extend beyond the body.

Time and external preparations

Ten to twenty minutes. You can stand up or lie down while doing the exercise. If you want to lie down, you will need a mat or mattress.

Step by step

v  First, create an inner picture of the chakras as funnel-shaped energy wheels in your aura, especially along the front of your body. Then breathe through your opened mouth and imagine that you are breathing deeply through your pelvis or through your labia.

v  Once you have the feeling that you’re whole pelvis and yoni area is awakened, well circulated, and flexible, you can begin to make small movements of the pelvis (e.g., a tiny tilting motion or a delicate vibration) and consciously increase them.

v  Now go through the chakras one by one, and for each one imagine that you are breathing mostly through this lower flute hole. As you breathe in, take in fresh air: and as you breathe out, get rid of any tensions or other unpleasant feeling, and accompany their release with screeching, moaning, or any other sounds that you find helpful. When you reach the crown chakra, imagine a large channel running between your crown and your labia (or your perineum), and take a few deep breathes from top to bottom and from bottom to top.

v  Next, let your breathing grow calmer and quieter. While doing so, you might imagine that you are breathing in deeply through your labia and pulling the breathe up to your crown. Hold an inhalation for a few moments. When you feel the impulse to exhale, breathe all the way back down and out through your labia, and pause for another few seconds until the impulse to breathe in causes cay to pull your breathe upward again.

v  Once this way breathing has become easier for you, you can concentrate especially on the pauses at the top and bottom, and feel what is happening to you.

Creative ways to deal with stumbling blocks

It maybe that in these breathing pauses you feels best by a strange uneasiness, or possibly you drift off into stressful thoughts. If so, concentrate your entire awareness on what is happening to your body during these breaks from breathing.

Variations and suggestions

For some it maybe useful to do grounding exercise after this breathing exercise, in order to keep from losing yourself. For example, lie flat on your stomach and lay your palms on the floor, concentrating on your contact with the earth; or do the exercise ‘In the lap of Mother Earth,’ 

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