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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Pleasure as a Way of Meditation

Female vision of joy

The most important organ for the cultivation of love, pleasure, and passion is your heart. The following meditation is concerned with transformational processes and with the subtle energy that is developed by opening the heart chakra.


Giving in to the quieter and more delicate movements, sounds, and emotions.

Time and external preparations

At least an hour in a quiet warm room. You can record the following instructions on a tape ahead of a time so that you can give in completely to your feelings during the meditation.

Step by step

Phase 1:

 Light fountain (standing, fifteen minutes). With your tongue on the roof of your mouth, audibly draw in air through your open mouth until your lungs are completely full. Then breathe out completely, with a long ‘Haaah.’ As you breathe in, draw your hands up over your head with outstretched arms; as you breathe out. Bring them down along your sides. Imagine that white or pastel light is flowing through your whole body as your breathe in, filling you completely, and flowing down the sides of your body as you breathe out. This closes the circle of light. (If you are familiar with breathing and movement, you can experiment with slowly increasing the length of the pauses between breathes in and out.)

Phase 2:

Song of the heart (standing, fifteen minutes). Now imagine that your heart is being filled with delightful warmth with every breath you take in. Your whole heart region grows larger and larger until it finally includes the rest of your body. Accompanied by soft music, let your heart become a musical instrument; let It vibrate, shake, and ring. Find within yourself more and more of your heart’s song. Open yourself with your voice for your inner sounds and noises, and let your hands and arms, as well as your whole body, move with the song. You can let words and sentences come spontaneously, or express yourself in an imaginary language. Give in to the experience completely and become singing!

Phase 3:
Giving in to the light (sitting up straight, fifteen minutes). Sit up on your knees (another straight-backed position would work as well), and stretch your arms upward.  Wait using soft breathing, until you feel full of heart-warmth. Then draw your hands to your heart center, and from there go into a forward bend. Let your forehead and palms rest on the floor until you are completely empty again.

Repeat this process using your own rhythm.

Phase 4:

Silence (sitting or lying on your back, fifteen minutes).
Now you can decide whether you want to be in a sitting or a lying down position. Close your eyes. Let yourself sing into calmness, but remain as awake as possible. Observe everything that enters your field of perception. After about fifteen minutes, stretch your body out well and observe yourself with tenderness and loving attention from within.

Creative ways to deal with stumbling blocks

If, despite all these incitements to joy, you feel more anger or sadness, allow yourself to have these feelings and their corresponding sounds, and play with them inwardly, trying to use and transform their energy. For example, you might transform the energy into joyful, survival-oriented rage or into that small sense of melancholy that can accompany deep, quiet joy.


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