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Monday, 14 August 2017

Sex-magical skills

Sexual magic is an integration and development of the previous games and exercises. It has to do with the art of using sexual energy, as the fastest and strongest type of energy we have, to build up a field where all our wishes, goals, and longings gain strength for their fulfillment.
So we use the creative power of our laps and our ability to transform this energy in all directions to make visions materialize; that is, we concentrate this power’s energy so much that it takes on outer forms as well inner ones.

Magic is:

v  Gaining creative power by being in harmony with the world
v  Being on with nature and its laws
v  The playful dissolution of old borders and limitations
v  A double0edged sword: on one hand, a powerful influence toward healing and growth; on the other hand, the destruction of myself or the other

Sex magic is:

v  A delightful meditation that creates a big, wide space where I can plant the seed of my heart’s desires and visions and let it grow
v  An honest desire, benefitting my development, to give maximal power to satisfaction through sexual joys and their expansion
v  The possibility to transform the powers that oppose my magical thinking and goal-oriented actions. This frees further strength for the manifestation of my visions.
v  In short, the most pleasurable way to work powerfully

With sex magic, you can reach goals that benefit you and do not harm other. For example, you can grant visions reality; bring love into the world; and let yourself spread out, attaining healing for yourself and others as well the wisdom of a sympathetic heart.

Time and external preparations

About one or two hours, the exercise can be repeated many times with the same goal (up to twenty-one time, a number of repetitions that helps the experiences become a part of the subconscious, which helps them become habit more easily).

Step by step

Below are listed the steps, roughly in order, by which you access the magical creative power of sexual energy. Each step is made up of a series of activities, some of which have already been described in detail and which I will only mention briefly here.

v  Creating a safe room and a good emotional foundation with each other: Cleansing you inside and out, clearing relationship difficulties out of the way, drawing a protective circle around your mutual pleasure space.
v  Fanning the sexual flames: Sexual breathing, PC muscle contractions. Pelvic rocking: self-love and responsibility for yourself; erotic massages.
v  Awakening the inner magician: A fantasy journey to states of positive power, a creative trance-journey to the ideal inner beloved, fantastical self-arousal.
v  Removing inner hindrances: Letting go of feeling, tuning in on the heart level, showing and healing wounds, the laughing belly.
v  Awakening your wild self: fire-breathing orgasm, meditation of the wild fire-women, dance of the she-demons, groaning yoni.
v  Creating a magical vision: Fantasy journeys (clear goals and visions of the healing, development, and cultivation of your own sexuality); drawing a picture to accompany them; finding a symbol; drawing a new picture with the symbol in the foreground and a simple, easy-to-remember composition.
v  Creating and charging a magical symbol; Taking your partner as strengthener and mirror, chakra wave, chakra breathing.
v  Creating maximal sexual pleasure; MMM, ESO, yab-yum.
v  Fusing orgasmic high paths with magic and with your symbol: When bundling orgasmic energy, intensely imagine the picture of the magic symbol; when distributing the energy, imagine that the symbol is flowing through all your body parts like new information.
v  Projection into the astral net: Releasing the symbol through the seventh chakra, and imagining that the symbol is being breathed upward through the inner flute of the chakras, leaving the material body through the crown chakra, traveling through the aura, and spreading out more and more.
v  Checking the result: Being awake to encounters and events, patient expectation, questions of interpretation.

Creative ways to deal with stumbling blocks

Sometimes the goal is not stated clearly enough, or the symbol is not simplified enough. The result is often confusion in the process. Therefore, keep it short and sweet; simplicity is wisdom.

Variations and suggestions

v  Your personal magic will be stronger the greater your sexual energy is.
v  The creative energy of sexuality is in no way limited to the creation of children.

v  Helpful qualities: patience, being tenacious and watchful, remaining goal-oriented and passive’s.


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