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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Six Keys to Gate of Physical Pleasure

Together, the following six practices are a highly recommended pre-exercise for all the other games and exercises. They can be practiced in every possible life situation, even nonsexual ones.

1.   Deep Breathing:

These means consciously and constantly raising the volume of your breathing in order to better perceive and experience your feeling. In this concentration on deep breathing lies the secret to many methods that can increase your body capabilities for love and ecstasy. It allows us to turn away from the many ideas, judgments evaluations, memories, and plans for the future that lies in the backs of our minds, and to turn instead toward our bodies and the current encounter. Caution is advised here is a woman tens to hyperventilate (make sure to exhale completely!), but most of us tend to breath shallowly, so our stomach and chest areas could do with more oxygen anyway. When we inhale more oxygen than our body needs, we create an energy field around ourselves that can nourish and protect us.

2.   Spontaneous Movement:

This is less about targeted movements than it is about the ability to give in to strong as well as subtle impulse to move your body, to ‘let yourself be moved by your inner (e)motion.’ It is also about the ability to perceive the often very delicate movements of your internal organs, muscles, and circulation, and to give you over to these perceptions. If my body is flexible, I am more flexible, I am more flexible with others, and I can express my feelings even without many words.

3.   Sounds and Tones:

Since many women – if they didn’t happen to be raised like boys – have learned to be proper and quiet, and never crooked, shrill, or loud, it often takes a long time for us to recognize our own sounds of pleasure or displeasure , let alone to express them. These sounds and tones, however, are especially good for transporting the energy of our feelings to the outside, so that refusing to sound off often gives an imprecise indication of our feelings. Besides, when we make a variety of noises, it’s much easier for our lovers to understand us. And hearing our own sounds can strengthen our own sensation as well.

Its good preliminary exercise (at least in private) t0 accompany every movement with sounds – groaning, moaning, growling, giggling, humming, singing, etc. This not only makes the emotional quality of movement clear, but it also often makes movement itself easier.

4.   Concentration and Consciousness:

As we know in our everyday lives there are countless ways to divert our attention from ourselves and from close contact with others. Cultivated sexuality is less about figuring out techniques than it is about having a loving, concentrated awareness of our feelings and encounters. This relaxed concentration is what can make every instant a conscious and special experience.

A good way to practice concentrating on the famous here and now is to imagine that with one deep breath you are pulling all our experience of attraction, love and ecstasy into your heart and concentrating them there in your own centre of love. One particular method for bundling and then distributing sexual energy is the big draw. We let all other experiences, memories, or plans for the future float away like clouds in the sky, or else we imagine releasing them when we exhale. If they persist in pushing to the forefront of our consciousness, we do not fight them (that would be giving to much energy to useless things!) Instead, we symbolically put them into that imaginary refrigerator next to the love nest, where they will stay ‘fresh’ and can be taken our again the next day (if, for example, I suddenly have a great idea for redecorating the bedroom).

5.   Playing in the Moment:

Being happy in the moment is usually less about purpose-driven and goal-oriented action than about playing out of a pure love of joy or the ability to give yourself over to the sensations of the moment. The further development of female sexuality is not the result of behavior training, but rather of the courage to take risks. From trial and error, from sense of humor, and from the combining of childish curiosity with adult longings. Through playful, experimental trying we can have new experiences that do not necessarily have to be perfect or complete. Take the performance pressure out of sex and be together without trying to reach a goal (e.g., multiple orgasms).

6.   Practice and Habit:

Even if wonderful sexual experience can never be repeated exactly, we can, with regular practice, prepare our bodies (i.e. the pelvic muscles, the heart muscles, and the circulation), our souls (i.e. the ability to open ourselves to the right person in the right moment and the to close again), our minds (i.e. understanding our own possibilities and boundaries), and our spirituality (i.e. the perception of our connection with nature our oneness with the world), and make them open to pleasure and joy. If we make practice a habit by integrating it into our daily routine, ecstasy will no longer be a rare weekend and holiday feeling, but can even cast doing the dishes in a new light.