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Friday, 11 August 2017

The Five Orgasm Types

 Point on the compass: north

Element: air
Anatomical characteristics: long, smooth; clit at the end, with a distance between clit and vaginal opening of two to three fingers wide; Labia and hood formed for the same tissue; inner labia thin; deep cave; G-spot deep inside

Lubricant (wetness): very wet
Temperature in cave: warm

Taste: sweet

Preferences: indirect stimulation of the clit by rubbing the hood; long, slow tuning in; oral sex; hard sucking of the labia; pressing or gliding along the hood; rubbing of moons venires

Preferences positions: prefers to be on top; crouching (plucking the pearl from behind, or walking into the lust tunnel)

 Point on the compass: east

Element: water
Anatomical characteristics: many folds in both labia; inner labia overhanging and thick: hood like teepee tent; shallow cave; G-spot halfway between uterus and cave entry

Lubrication (wetness): moist but not wet
Temperature in cave: cool

Taste: salty
Preferences: needs a lot of preparation and tuning in; frequent and long rubbing of clit; oral sex; steady rhythm; playing with folds of Venus lips.

Preferred positions: spoon position or side by side; seesaw movements and sitting intertwined

 Point on compass: south
Element: fire
Anatomical characteristics: big, thin, overhanging inner labia, like bat wings; distance between clitoris and vaginal entry several fingers wide; small hood over clit; moderate length of cave; G-spot in the back; uterus often bent

Lubrication (wetness): wet
Temperature in cave: warm to hot

Taste: sweet-salty
Preferences; likes to be noisy when making love; likes sex right before or during menstruation; strong oral sex; likes clit stimulation only when she is already aroused; likes slow, firm rubbing; thrusting; firm rhythm; rapid penetration with dildos and fingers; strong and fast stimulation when peaking; turned on by fantasies

Preferred positions: all positions except legs up and back

Corn Poppy:
 Point on the compass: west

Element: earth
Anatomical characteristics: clit and vagina very close to each other, or clit part of the opening; often small hood, or clit peeping out; inner labia small; deep, long cave; tight entry, feels at first penetration like a gate with deep cave behind; G-spot close to vaginal opening (easy orgasm possibilities with fingers, dildos, and vibrators in traditional positions)

Lubricant (wetness): dry
Temperature in cave: hot

Taste: sweet to bitter

Preferences: does not like a lot of ‘foreplay’; no oral sex; direct stimulation of clitoris can hurt, indirect stimulation through outer labia is better; deep penetration; fast, thrusting penetration with several fingers

Noon flower:
 Point on the compass; center

Element: mixed qualities from all points of the compass
Anatomical characteristics: clit at the very top; vaginal opening at the very bottom (about three to four fingers distance): consequences; no kinds of visits to the lust cave will indirectly stimulate the clit; small clit with hood, which quickly jumps out when aroused; inner labia narrow; cave moderately deep; G-spot deep and in the back

Lubrication (wetness): moist
Temperature in cave: medium warm

Taste: neutral

Preferences: simultaneous, additional stimulation of pearl when lust tunnel is visited, for example with hand;  soft, light pressure on clit; oral sex; sucking; tongue changing from side to side; rubbing

Preferred positions: pillow under small of the back (different angles); close lust-tunnel wandering; kneeling position with straight back; often needs long stimulation to reach orgasm


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