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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Women’s Demonstration of Two Yonis

Women’s Demonstration of Two Yonis

This women’s demonstration is an expedition into sexual worlds of symbols, and it helps you come to terms with your extra personal qualities.

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By seeing others and having your own yoni be seen in its extra personal qualities, you can develop a deeper understanding of your own female identity.
Time and external preparations
About thirty to forty minutes for the demonstration, then time for discussion. Clothing: A simple sarong is best; that is, a cloth slung around your hips, beneath which you are naked. The clothing lends around your hips, beneath which you are naked. The clothing lends itself to a room that is nice and warm. Background music with a very light rhythm can help carry you.

Step by step

v  After a slow heart-to-heart embrace, the two partners sit across from each other with closed sarongs, without touching.

v  First agree on the order in which you will take the roles of dis-player and gazer.
v  If you are the dis-player, open your sarong and show the gazer your yoni, in such a way that you are sitting comfortably while still affording your partner a good view.

v  If you are the gazer, look with the soft gaze of an open heart, but also very carefully, describe what you see with sensual, flowery words, and make honestly meant compliments. The dis-player draws each compliment into her yoni and her heart like fluid nourishment, and under no circumstances contradicts the gazer.

v  During this time, the dis-player can identify herself with this extra personal quality (beyond her personal character) and share the following phrase with the gazer: ‘I am your beginning, and I am your end.’

v  Gazer, imagine that this yoni is the yoni of a women who once hurt or left you. Express any feelings that come up.

v  Displayer, do not take these words personally either. End the sequence by saying, ‘The pleasure and power of my yoni are indestructible, ‘and cover you again.
v  After an appropriate pause, switch roles.

v  Before you discuss your experiences, each of you lie down or sit peacefully for a moment and meditate on your won sensation.

Creative ways to deal with stumbling blocks

In order to avoid growing emotional, one or both partners may start talking. Save the talk for later so that you don’t talk the tender shoots of feelings into the ground.
Allow yourself to express what is going on in your innermost being,

Variations and suggestions

If one of you is particularly close to a goddess or to a real woman, or is particularly conflicted about someone, you can experiment with your image of that woman’s yoni. In this situation, an especially loving mutual conclusion to the demonstration is necessary.


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