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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Yoni Breathing

Yoni breathing increases blood and qi circulation, warms up the sexual organs, activates your Shakti power/sexual energy, end tones the lower diaphragms and pelvic floor. It is a good prelude to Ovarian Compression exercises, as well as the Upward Draw and power lock. I call these practices Yoni Breathing rather than Ovarian Breathing because we are engaging more than our ovaries in the breathing process.
While practicing yoni breathing please remember that the release is as important as the squeeze. Tightening and relaxing builds a strong pelvic floor, because a strong muscle is able to both fully contract and fully release. Do not overexert your muscles with mechanical exercise by thinking that more is better. Doing lots of reps of contractions and not fully releasing can cause muscles to become too tight and locked short. Remember to play and feel the whole body move subtly from within, like a jellyfish moves through water.

·         Smile down to your ovaries. Rub your hands until they’re warm, and then rub your ovaries in circles. Spiral the energy in and around the sexual organs. Lift your hand three inches away from the ovaries and feel the aura of the ovaries pulsating.
·         Brush down from the ovaries to the uterus and feel the uterus sucking in the ovarian qi.
·         Inhale and gently squeeze the vagina as if sucking up and pushing down an imaginary jade egg using the three rings of muscles.
·         Blow down internally and lift the pelvic floor at the same time. The belly pushes out. Take notice that when you exhale down your belly pushes out. This is what is called reverse breathing. On the inhalation, the expansion moves into the lower back and the kidneys: on the exhalation the qi pressure builds in the lower dentin below the navel. By sealing the lower gate we retain and build the energy. This action of up and down pumping will tone the internal muscles and warm up the qi.
·         Pump the lower abdomen like a bellows fans a fire with quick forceful exhalations through the nose. This warming breath is called the Breathe of fire. The movement is buoyant, like a golden yo-yo that does not fail to the ground.
·         Continue with this Yoni breathing until a feeling of warmth gathers at the sexual palace (between the ovaries, about four finger-widths from the navel).
·         Breathe rhythmically, with nine quick breaths and one slow, deep pull upward in between. This trains for shallow and deep thrusting in dual cultivation.

Since I have been practicing Yoni Breathing and jade egg and changed my consciousness about sexuality, I am on a big healing path, liberating a lot of shame and experiencing more joy in relationship with myself. My menstruation is much gentler, I have much less pain in premenstruation and less strong bleeding. Since the teacher training I am sharing these practices and women love it!


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