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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Body Painting From Back to Front, Via The Heart

Here, in contrast to the ‘body-map of love’, qualities and emotional states are drawn directly on the body, temporarily making it easier to identify with them.


Accepting your own body as well as transforming past injuries.

Time and external preparations

At least an hour for each partner, plus time for an exchange afterward – altogether about two and a half hours. You need a color-safe cloth that is placed on top of a comfortable mattress, hypoallergenic paints, and two good-sized mirrors. It’s useful to have some coarse sea salt and also a mixture of cornmeal and cream to get the paint out of your pores afterward.

Step by step

v Sit across from each other with your eyes closed, and think about which of your own qualities (not your partner’s) stand in the way of pleasurable sexuality: which parts of yourself, in other words, you would gradually like to leave behind. Then decide which of your qualities could be helpful for the growth and development of your sexual pleasure, that is, which qualities you would like to strengthen in the future.

v Next, discuss with your partner these groups of qualities and express how you would like to have them painted on your body-even if the painter follows her own creativity in the end.

v If you’re painter, your partner now lies down on her belly, begin to paint on your partner’s back all the qualities your partner would like to leave behind. After a short pause to let the paint dry, your partner rolls over and your paint her front side with all the qualities she wants to develop in the future.

v If you’re the one being painted, once the colors have dried, look at yourself, both front and back, in two large, opposed mirrors, and give the painter some brief feedback. After a short period of silence and meditation on how the qualities painted on your back make you feel, mentally switch over to the attempt to identify strongly with them, as though you were only made up of these qualities.

v Now begin to do a ‘dance of the future qualities.’ Feel them out, show them to your partner through movement, and receive an honest compliment on these qualities and the possibility of developing them further.

v Now switch roles.

v Afterward, do a dance together, a combining of the past and the future in the present. Finally discuss the transformation of the past into the future and of apathy into desire.

Creative ways to deal the stumbling blocks

If women feel too naked to show her comfortably and fearlessly, even with body paint, it’s a good idea for her to take time alone in front of the mirror and to show the other person only as much as she wants to. (Throwing a sarong or a blanket around you is no problem once the paint has dried).

Variation and suggestions

As long as it doesn’t create any undue pressure, each partner can have photos taken of their front and back so they can remind themselves of the exercise later, even after the paint has been washed off.


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