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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Camel Ride in Your Own Bedroom

Some readers have probably ridden a camel before and are thus familiar with that rocking motion in the loins. After the first feelings of strangeness have passed, the ride grows more enjoyable as the rider lets her lower back become more flexible, and the more she passively allows her movements to happen rather than performing them actively. We don’t have to travel to distant lands to experience this sensation. We can enjoy the pelvic swing, familiar to many, under a summer sun or at home in a cozy, warm room filled with the sounds of sensual music.


Allowing the pelvis to grow softer and more receptive, and letting erotic-sexual energy flow horizontally as well as vertically.

Time and external preparations

Twenty minutes and a meditation pillow

Step by step

v  Sit up straight so that you can feel your sit bones. Breathing in, let your pelvis swing backward while your rib cage passively bends forward a little. Breathing out, your pelvis will swing gently forward while your upper body swings slightly back. This will help you begin a gentle wave motion. While doing this, imagine that, when inhaling, you are drawing all your energy in and back; when exhaling, you are pushing it forward with opened labia.

v  Play with different rocking motions, bigger and smaller, faster and slower.

v  Finally, let the motions grow so small that they are no longer perceptible from the outside; however, the inner wave motion continues.

Creative ways to deal with stumbling blocks

If you are trying to do it right no matter what, you maybe straining your pelvis to much. As a result, your movements will become stiff and laborious, instead, make it easy for yourself and rock yourself until you feel like you could keep rocking back and forth forever.

Variations and suggestions

If you are sitting across from a partner during this exercise, keep your eyes closed at first so that you can start with yourself. Then you can imagine that you are drawing sexual energy from your partner, and giving it back to that person through you labia when you exhale. Afterward, open you eyes and move your eyelids in concert with your labia. If an erotic charge happens to flow between your pupils, allow this flow and observe it with your inner eye.