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Friday, 8 September 2017

Erotic date

Who isn’t familiar with this situation: feeling so sensual, beautiful, and seductive that this would be the perfect moment for an erotic encounter of the best kind. But where is your lover? That is still the great unknown. Squeezing yourself into that hot-looking, tight, sweaty outfit, you look through the events calendar to see if there’s a singles’ disco night somewhere, or wonder whether you’ll have to take in some cultural event in order to maybe chat up an interesting individual at the reception afterward, which might be just enough to transform your slight erotic vibration into nervous displeasure and you turn on the TV. That works, too, but this is exactly the right time for the following game: Make a date! Make a date with a wonderful, tender, passionate woman who just happens to be in the mood. Make a date with yourself!


In this game, you can get to know yourself all over again and experience the autonomy of the self-loving woman who will do everything in her power to give you maximal sexual pleasure.

Time and external preparations

At least thirty minutes, if possible open-ended. It is recommended that you prepare yourself and your love nest the way you would for the first night with a new lover (e.g., with candles, pillows, warmth, music, and pleasure- enhancing objects like feathers, flowers, etc.).

Step by step

v  After you have set up the room nicely and maybe showered and put on some lotion, slowly undress and lie down comfortably on your bed.

v  Lay one hand on your heart and the other on your belly or your pubic hair, and close your eyes.

v  Imagine that, with the cunning anticipation, pubescent curiosity, and passionate desire of a red-blooded woman, you are meeting and the exciting stranger who is just as aroused as you are.

v  Since this person doesn’t know you had better tell her or him everything you want them to know about you or be prepared for trial and error.

v  Now switch back and forth between being the recipient and the giver of pleasure and become more comfortable in each role. As the recipient, give in totally; breathe the other person in deeply and allow yourself to make any sounds or movements that come to you. As pleasure-giver, stroke and caress your lover and enjoy every touch. You fulfill every desire that is acrobatically possible and yourself to enjoy the other’s reaction.

v  At the end, sink happily into one another until you become one person again and can enjoy the silence afterward without anyone wanting anything from you.

Creative ways to deal with stumbling blocks

If you don’t find yourself beautiful or erotic as a lover, imagine that this stranger finds you gorgeous and highly desirable. This person smiles at your attempts to contradict her or him. Do you jump nervously out of bed, or do you give it a try?

Variations and suggestions

This game can also be played wonderfully with two people because you can make a mental date with each other (if possible, in different rooms at the same time) and pretend that you are together for the first time. I would postpone the discussion afterward until the next morning. It is important that the listener should understand the fantasy as her partner’s film. For the speaker, it is important that she give her partner so-called undeserved compliments, such as, ‘Oh darling, last night you stroked my flanks so tenderly that little shouts of joy bubbled up out of me,’ rather than nitpicking reproachfully. If you have an open and honest exchange, you give yourselves the chance, even after years together, to learn a lot about the other person and your own reactions.


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