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Monday, 18 September 2017

Fantastical Self-Arousal

This exercise goes a step further than the creative trance-journey, in that fantasies and dreams don’t remain in your head, but rather spread out into your whole body –without the help of any kind of handiwork (like the kind used on the ‘Erotic date').


Physical self-arousal without any kind of touching – just with your imagination and your breathing

Time and external preparations

About thirty minutes; a soft mat and a blanket

Step by step

v Lie down or sit comfortably; cover yourself if you like. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing: Breath in deeply – and out again – with the knowledge that with each breath you are drawing new vitality into yourself. When breathing out, let yourself go; let go of your tension, and let yourself come into your own rhythm until it’s easy to let your inhalation and exhalation come and go like waves on the ocean. This is the breath of pleasure, the breath of simple ecstasy.

v As you continue to breathe in this way, go for a stroll in your inner self – enter the world of erotic images and fantasies. Do you feel what it’s like in this place? What do you see? What do you hear?

v As you are breathing calmly, go into this room of sensual pictures and become acquainted with it. And when you are ready, approach the pictures and imaginings that give you an erotic tingle that arouses you. Look around until you find some. Instead of pictures, it might be sounds or movements or a feeling, a specific memory, or a physical sensation. Whatever it is, breathe it in completely, deeply. And breathe it out. And in again. As though this imagining could glide through you.

v Now begin to react to the images and feelings that arouse you. Let yourself be aroused, breathe into them, and let you go – give in completely to the pleasurable thought. And remember, this place inside you belongs to you alone everything is in your hands here. In this place, open up to yourself and feel completely conscious. Allow yourself to increase your arousal with every breath, to let it spread out inside you. Allow you to acknowledge and enjoy being aroused.

v Allow yourself to linger in this place of arousal, of pleasurable pictures and sensation.

v Then give it one last glance and get ready to return to the present, to the outside world. Let your breathing grow calmer again and say goodbye to this place. After all, you know you can come back here anytime.

v Finally, move around and stretch before your open your eyes and get up.

Creative ways to deal with stumbling blocks

Even in the fantasy world, the old norms and values can sometimes intrude. It usually helps to take a deep breath and imagine that you are forcefully breathing out all of your old expectations, taboos, commandments, judgments, and thoughts about right and wrong, Allow yourself to recognize you a little more clearly with each breath and to accept your sensations and feelings the way they are right now.
It may also be that you drift off into destructive, torturous victim fantasies, or that you suffer from the thought of all the pleasurable sex you’ve missed out on in the past. If so, remember that your body is more generous than your mind and maybe it doesn’t feel like sitting in the corner and moping anymore. Maybe a little arousal without too much contact and touching is exactly what your wounded and not-yet-healed heart needs.

Variations and suggestions

If it’s possible for you to do this exercise in an open and protected spot in nature, you may feel more closely connected to nature’s pulse. This exercise can also become more intense with each repetition.


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