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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Rose Ritual

In early summer, when the first roses bloom, you can also encourage the blooming of tender feelings in your heart through sensual experiences with this flower of love. The rose ritual improves your devotion to your own tenderness.


Pampering your partner with rose petals, rose scents, and pictures of roses in order to emphasize the tender aspects of her capacity to love.

Time and external preparations

About an hour per partner, plus time for an exchange afterward
In addition:

v Prepare two bowls, each containing the petals from at least twenty to thirty roses and a rose blossom without stem of leaves.

v Prepare rose water by adding a few drops of rose oil to water in a spray bottle.

v Prepare a rose scent in an oil burner (Mexican or Moroccan rose is best since they are less sweet and cloying than tea rose), or light a stick of rose-scented incense.

v Set aside two rose quartzes.

v Prepare a sensual love nest on a large mat, decorated with beautiful clothes and maybe surrounded by flowers and ritual objects.

Step by step

v The two partners sit facing each other, very close but without actually touching.

v Both of you close your eyes, lay a hand on your own heart, and breathe deeply and regularly, emphasizing chest breathing, Each of you concentrates on your heart and on the sensations you detect in your heart chakra at this moment.

v Now each of you imagines that your heart chakra is growing larger and larger with each breath. This is not physical growth, but rather the spread of heart energy within the body. As this area spreads out more and more, you can imagine that a rosebud is slowly growing in your heart region. The rose opens a little more with each breath, letting its beauty bloom forth, and begins to spread its scent through the body. This scent finally flows out beyond the borders of your body and fills the room with the subtle scent of the flower of love.

v Then each of you takes your free hand and find your partner’s heart hand, laying your hand on top of your partners’. A bond between the roses and the heart energies is created by the flow through your arms and hands.

v Remain connected with your partner for a while through imagination and touch. Imagine that the scents of your two roses are commingling.

v Now remove your hands from the other’s chakra. Then your hands from your own hearts. Meditate for a moment and then open your eyes. Look at each other with the wide gaze of an open heart, and allow the other to look into your eyes, seeing all the way to your heart.

v Now remove your hands from the other’s chakra, then your hands from your own hearts. Meditate for a moment and then open your eyes. Look at each other with the wide gaze of an open heart, and allow the other to look into your eyes, seeing all the way to your heart.

v Then each of you takes one of the little bowls with the rose petals and the one rose blossom. Pick up the rose, and take turns pulling off petals and laying them in the other’s bowl, along with an honest, heartfelt compliment. If you run out of ideas for compliments, you can always repeat and reinforce those which have already been said.

v Now agree upon your roles as enjoyer and pleasure companion, which will be reversed at the end.

v If you’re the pleasure companion, carefully undress the enjoyer and place her clothes to the side, help the enjoyer to lie down comfortably on her back. The enjoyer is allowed to express any last wishes before silently giving in to the subtle pleasures that wait.  Now slowly and carefully begin to place single rose petals on the her body; you can gently use petals to stroke under the recipient’s fingertips, making her aware of the petals’ velvety properties: you can blow little clusters of petals across the recipient’s body; you can cover the body’s openings, folds, and furrows with rose petals, growing more and more unselfconsciously involved in the game yourself.

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v Now give the recipient another chance to express and fantasies or wishes, ways she would like to be touched or covered with rose petals, or be bedded upon them. You can hold an intense rose scent under the recipient’s nose in the form of scented oil, and finally, spray any skin not covered in petals with rose- scented water.

v The whole time, enjoyed, remember that if a touch or other sensation feels good, take it into your heart with a deep breath and keep it there forever. And if a touch feels unfamiliar or strange, breathe even more deeply in order to see whether or not it feels good. And if something doesn’t feel good, release the feeling with a powerful exhalation. Then give our companion the chance to spoil you even more by telling her, in a brief and friendly manner, what you don’t want or what you would rather have done differently. You can be sure that a companion who is tuned in to your heart will do everything to make the experience better for you!

v At the end, the companion lays a rose quartz on the recipient’s heart chakra, covers her up if she likes, and leaves her alone for a little while ( without touching her, but also without physically leaving her) so that she can meditate on the various rose- petal touches she has experienced.

v Now take a short break to rearrange the love nest, get a drink, or go to the bathroom, but without talking too much.

v After you have exchanged roles and performed the second rose ritual, you can lie beside each other for a while, enjoy a phase of mutual silence, and then discuss what you have experienced.

Creative ways to deal with stumbling blocks

Some pleasure companions are afraid they will not think of enough things to do with the petals. It helps to imagine playing like a young child in a summer meadow and to just leave it up to your hands and the specific properties of the rose petals to please your recipient.

Variations and suggestions

This ritual can have an even stronger effect if it can be done outside in a sunny summer meadow where there is a gentle breeze, birds are chirping and no human or animal disruption is likely.


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