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Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Not only the outer but also the inner flame needs to be fanned, strengthened, and expressed – and the more your body is energetically charged, the more clearly and strongly you will experience all the feelings that are within you. For the maximum strength of feelings, the following holds true: the more you breathe and make sounds and move around, the more charged up you will be. Just try it!


Discovering, increasing, and expressing your inner fire, and recognizing it in its various forms.

Time and external preparations

About an hour, in four phases

Step by step

1.     Shaking: for fifteen minutes, shake every part of yourself. Concentrate on leaving your jaw loose, and try out various rhythms, strengths, and combinations of shaking.

2.     Fire dance: In the next fifteen minutes, moves with drum music and follow your body’s impulses. Pay attention to any and all movement impulses and give in to them; make them stronger and express them, let them spread out. These can be stomping, hopping, dancing, or shaking movements that you can emphasize by making sounds.

3.     Swinging: lie down and bend your legs; place your feet hip-width apart, and lay your right hand on your yoni and the left one on your heart chakra. Now let your attention and your breath flow between you yoni and your heart for fifteen minutes. This flow of breathing between your lap and your heart is like the breath of Mother Earth, which flows calmly and steadily, and occasionally includes the fiery power of volcanoes. Afterward, slowly open your knees as you inhale, and slowly close them again as you exhale. Imagine that you are resting on Mother Earth like a firebird that is moving its wings in preparations for swooping up into the air and that then lands and files again.

4.     Landing: this quarter of an hour allows you to increase and spread the relaxation you are feeling. You can stretch out your legs and relax cover yourself, and investigate your breathing, your hands can lie loosely on your yoni and your heart, or pulse, your warmth, and your entire body, which right now may feel more like a bed of calm embers body, which right now may feel more like a bed of calm embers that the shouldering flames of the earlier phases. Allow yourself to experience all your feelings and sensations as they are right now, to feel yourself as you happen to be at this moment.

Creative ways to deal with stumbling blocks

Some women are surprised by how exhausted they get in the first two phases or by how restless they feel in the next two. If you become exhausted quickly, make your movements smaller but do not stop moving; if you feel restless, it sometimes helps to deepen your breathing and to concentrate on the parts of your body that you are most conscious of at the moment.

Variations and suggestions

In the second phase, it helps to activate your inner fire-woman by imagining that you are a fire or a dancing flame; in doing so, you can experience more of the aggressive, destructive power of fire or its erotic sexual aspect in your imagination and your movements.-


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