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Monday, 19 March 2018

Are you a woman and you wonder how it is to come to India alone?

In case you are wondering if it’s safe for woman to travel alone, don’t worry. I had this picture of India as dangerous country for woman because western media many times showed us only the bad experience of women. In western media you don’t really see the hospitality of Indian people. But they are actually really helpful. Don’t hesitate to ask them.

Of course there are some essential rules which you like woman should respect.
Indeed it’s not wise to walk alone on the dark street at night. Better ask someone to give you a lift or accompany you. Local people will be more than happy to get you safely to your destination.

You should also be careful about your dress code. It’s always highly recommended to see what is good to wear in a country you plan to visit. For public placesin India I would suggest all women not to wear tight clothes. Anyway causal clothes are more comfortable if it’s hot weather, don’t you think? JShorts and T-shirt with plunging neckline is not the best choice. For ashrams you should cover your shoulders and generally wear decent clothes.

If you follow such basic instructions, you will be all right. I would personally advise you to have positive mind-set and try to attract nice experience to your life. Try to picture your journey without any serious problem. This can really influence your experience while travelling.

Another personal experience… I am a blond green eye young women thus not really typical characteristic for India, right. J And what I find out interesting is the way how people literally stare at me. It didn’t surprise me they want to take a photo with me, but what I found out a bit unusual for me was the intense gaze of locals.
Firstly I thought what do they want to do to me? But after a couple weeks here I realized it’s just their curiosity about my physical character. I become more aware of the kindness and benignity of Indian people. I found out that if people look at me, it doesn’t necessarily mean they want to hurt me. 

There is no bad intention in the gaze. Generally people don’t want to hurt you here because it’s against their culture. As I already wrote you, they believe in karma, so they try to do good actions. That is their dharma, not to hurt people. As soon as you become aware of this, you will enjoy your stay in India for sure.

And one last advice I will give you today. In case people are too importunate, ignore them, walk away or say really clearly you don’t need anything from them. J That will solve most of your problems.

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