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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

India will change your understanding of yoga

To experience yoga here in India is really different from the western way of teaching yoga.Naturally, there are positive and negative sides on both styles. And everyone will have distinct opinions about both styles. To make your own conclusion and to understand the difference, you need to experience both styles.

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In order to have a more complete sense of what is yoga, you definitely should come to India. In my point of view, there is nothing that can be compared to teacher training courses in India. You might think yoga is firstly exercise – asanas after that meditation, breathing exercise all supported by Hinduism philosophy. But to really understand Hinduism philosophy, you need to experience it on your own. To grasp the depth of Vedanta and moreover to comprehend how you can apply such an approach to life into your own lifestyle and your classes, you need to live it on your own skin. Through living for a while in India you can realize what does it mean to be a yogi.

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If you go through classes of asanas and philosophy from an original source, your yoga practice and yoga classes will be definitely filled with different energy. Of course, you need to find your own style and you will put your own ideas into your yoga. But your student will feel you differently if you experience yoga in India.

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I would like to tell you a couple words about how I personally experience two distinct ways of teaching so you can have a better idea. As you could already assume, western people and western yoga teachers put different energy flow than Indian teachers. When you come to India, don’t expect softness and emotions from local teachers. Indian asana instructors will challenge your limits. The majority of them will stay quite closed in an emotional way. However, their class is designed in such a way that creates a heat in your body so that you are able to really go beyond your limits and your body will get necessary strength to perform many incredible asanas. You also learn about the benefits of asanas, you learn the correct alignment and most importantly you connect doing asanas with a spiritual path.

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Western style of yoga is for me personally either only empty exercise or really beautiful relaxation for your mind and body usually full of nice emotions and energy flow. No rushing, no pushing and gentle practice that helps you be more aware of your body. I would say it’s really beneficial to try both versions to recognize what is your preferred way of teaching and doing yoga. 

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