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Friday, 30 March 2018

Part II- Do you have difficulty to meditate?

In the previous part of this article, we introduced the first limb of ashtanga yoga – Yamas. In this part, I would like to focus on niyama or personal code of yogi. There are some let’s say guidelines which yogi follows to achieve purity of his/her body and mind so that soul can move in our spine towards a higher state of consciousness.

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Firstly yogi focuses on shoucha– cleanliness of physical, mental and spiritual body. All three bodies are equally important. It’s crucial to take care of your internal body – pure food and external body. At the same time, yogi watches his/her mind. What kind of thoughts is coming to the mind? Are they positive or negative? Are they pure or full of sins? Is the mind overfilled with many thoughts? All these aspects we step by step refine while we try to meditate. There is no way how to make all our thoughts disappear in a moment when we try to meditate. Our mind is not a computer that can be easily switched off. We train our mind to let thoughts drift on by, we train not to put attention in them, but we don’t try to cease thoughts. That would require resistance. Instead of it we just try to transfer our attention to one object and stay focused as much as possible without any judgment to ourselves.

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Next aspect of niyama is santosha – contentment. The great yogis say that once you accept everyone and everything as it is, you are completely free and you can be boundlessly happy. Being at peace in all situation appreciating what you have now is clear way how to be content. This part is closely connected with tapas austerity or devotion which yogis perform. How do you approach yoga as a practice? How do you approach your life? Is it filled with devotion? J Yogis admit that there is higher power governing this world – Universe, God or call it as you wish. Acknowledging there is something above us which is more powerful is IshvaraPranidhana. Surrendering this power make you grateful every second imagining you are nothing without this power that creates our space.

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Last but not less important part is swadhyaya, self-study and self-realization. Our life is the never-ending process of learning and developing. Once we lose the desire to grow, we are stuck in one place. This reminds me a parallel my guru is saying, what happens to water that doesn’t move? It gets stinky and not really attractive to go in, right? What about the nicely flowing river which is clear and fresh? This is much more attractive, don’t you think so? The same principle we can apply in the self-study. A person who desires to blossom is more beneficial for its surrounding so that people want to be around such a person which creates around him/herself nice vibes.

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Hopefully, this was inspiring enough to reassess your personal habits and incorporate some of the mentioned practises into our daily routine. J



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