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Friday, 23 March 2018

Yoga starts in your mind

Patanjali (the father of yoga) defines yoga as the ability to control the fluctuation of the mind. Therefore true inner peace comes through controlling our mind. Performing asanas helps us to bring stillness in our mind. The strength of our body corresponds to strong mind and determination attain our goals, flexibility of our body helps our mind to adapt to different situations and the ability to stay stable in asanas matches with the steadiness and courage defend our decisions. Do you see the connection? J

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 Well, then you see that yoga actually aims to subjugate the mind through the body. Nevertheless such an approach you can barely find in western yoga classes. In order to learn how to cease your thoughts, you might want to change the environment and to jump out of your ordinary life. Leaving the place where you live, all your daily responsibilities and duties coming to the cradle of yoga to give yourself time to govern your mind. How does it sound to you?

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Do you still think that asanas provide the actual health for you? Well, there are undeniable aspects and benefits of asanas, but actually, our mind is much more powerful and much more influential for a healthy state of our body. Think once. Why yoga provides so many techniques to control our mind? Our mind is able to tone our brain, our brain then gives signals to our cells and because the cell is the key unit in our body, it has the power to influence the healthy or unhealthy state of our organs. Our cells are tunes into positive and negative vibrations according to our thoughts. And who is responsible for our thoughts? Our mind. We are going back to the beginning of our article, govern your mind and you will govern your health.

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