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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Beauty and Healing power of yin yoga...

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Happy and healthy life requires balance. If we want to keep harmonized body, we need to satisfy both sides of ourselves, active and passive components of our nature, yin and yang. Even yoga has yin and yang styles. Hatha, Ashtanga, vinyasa yoga – all are based on active principle. Yin or restorative yoga is focusing on the relaxation of our metabolic system. 

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Nowadays yin yoga has started to be discovered as really effective healing and relaxing tool in the western busy world. Do you know the moment when you come after an exhausting day and you can’t even think of moving yourself but still you need to find a way how to relax? Yin yoga is the perfect way how to calm down before going to sleep. It helps purify our energetic channels and it renews prana flow in our body which afterwards brings refreshment into our body and mind.

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Moreover practising yin yoga regularly for a long time can help us remove adhesions of our fascia to muscles. This has an amazing effect on our yoga practice and daily life. Fused parts of fascia and muscles cause inflexibility of our body, a lot of tension and incorrectly and limitedly spread prana throughout the body. If we look at our body in long-term, lack of pranic energy causes serious health issues which we can easily prevent. 

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Finally, by practicing yin yoga we can change our body posture. While performing the correct positions we harmonize our strained parts of the body and we give them needed the release. When we do repetitively one-sided movement, we chose for yin yoga such postures the is the opposite to that so we compensate.This helps also our mind because as our body is full of tension, our mind can’t be stable and smooth. Removing stress and anxiety from the body will directly affect our state of mind. Through effortlessness practice of yin yoga you can bring relief, how does sound to you? I hope good enough to give it a try. J



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