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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

How much are ancient techniques of yoga still relevant in today’s world?

This article is going to be more reflexion and contemplation about the effectiveness of ancient techniques in today’s world. Of course, the world is changing and developing but people’s universal desires don’t change much, I guess. People have always been looking for happiness, peace, and love. These three things seem to be permanent. 
Without the peaceful and loving environment, who can really be happy?And because the goal of yoga techniques is to help us remove suffering from our life and show us the truthful happiness, I see there is huge potential for us to learn. And in my opinion, these techniques are powerful and effective no matter what kind of century we live in and what culture surrounds us. It is not that important where do you live, but you will always feel this calling – Who am I?

Moreover, as I see the urge for yoga in the western country, I have the feeling that ancient techniques are highly demanded. People are interested in finding their safe and happy environment in the world. They search for understanding of their existence, the goal of their life? They try to deal with the pressure in daily busy life? Yoga seems today as inspiring tool how to face challenges in our life. Why are these techniques continuously efficient? Because they are simple and they come from higher wisdom. We just need to trust.

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The ancient yoga techniques help us to connect with our true nature. The goal for all people is always the same. It’s about reminding ourselves what we have forgotten. It is about re-finding our path home, towards our truthful self. There is nothing more, we don’t need to develop new super-complex and modern techniques. We just need to recollect our knowledge back. If the ancient techniques weren’t helpful, there wouldn’t be such a request for them. 


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