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Sunday, 3 December 2017

How much knowledge can we humans have..?

 Today, we are living in a modern civilization in this time, and in the last thousand years we have learned so many things from the origin of human beings and have invented various types, in the last 100 years With the advancement of science, we have achieved modern knowledge by speeding up our understanding and we have learned so much.

So the question is how much else is left to know for us?
How many more inventions are there now?
Is there any limit to the knowledge of the human brain?
Can we ever say that we have all known now?
Will there be a time when we will able to say that there is nothing to know more and is it possible?
If yes, then how will that time be when nothing will be left to know? If not, then why cannot we all know?
And are we using this modern knowledge right way and for right things?

After thinking a lot, I remembered what I had read in some Indian philosophy scriptures, I had read that this human body and mind are mortal and there is a limit to its knowledge, we cannot even know everything by learning modern way, because of complete knowledge of the universe is infinite, our consciousness is not on that level where we are able to know and understand everything that is the right and the truth. We have many illusions and spoiling with our modern knowledge and we discover most of the modern knowledge for our comfort and power.

Also We with our modern knowledge We have broken many rules of nature for modern construction and modernization of our facilities and the world, at our convenience, we stopped the natural streams of rivers by constructing large dams to make electricity for our convenience, forests Cutting down the natural habitats of animals, industrialization and polluting water and air through the vehicles. Or to name the defense has aroused as a threat to the entire planet by nuclear bombs and so on.

We have known many good things from our knowledge, invented many good, but due to this modern knowledge, many evils have been given birth by humans, which one day can eliminate great destruction and complete human civilization.
 I think that only to a limit, we can break the rules of nature according to its convenience, nature will react once, it will be difficult to control that natural reaction. From time to time nature keeps us indirectly through earthquake, tsunami and various disasters.
But we do not understand and continually abuse our knowledge,

Now, if we thirst for seeing from a spiritual perspective how much human knowledge has acquired from all cosmic knowledge, then through an example of Indian philosophy, we have understood it -
It has been said here that if the entire cosmic knowledge is the ocean, then we have been taught the knowledge of human beings in thousands of years, like a drop, and we are misusing it also.

Are our new discovery and modern knowledge taking us in the right direction?
I understand that to get an answer, we should know yoga scriptures,

By taking meditation, Samadhi etc. in Yoga, we can gain more and clearer knowledge of the universe knowledge by increasing our consciousness to a higher level by the practice of meditation and Samadhi, this knowledge is constructive, pure and adaptable to nature and it will be great for all of us.

So we should go back to nature and we should go to yoga and meditation to learn more and to be a great human also to save our home this beautiful earth. 

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