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Saturday, 2 December 2017

What is meditation ?

 What is Meditation?

To understand meditation first, we should realize levels of our mind. After the finding of levels of our consciousness, we can prepare for the further journey of Meditation. 

There are four levels of mind-

1. Consciousness
2. Subconsciousness
3. Unconsciousness and
4. Superconsciousness

     Consciousness- Generally, this stage of the mind is active most of the time in our life. When we are conscious, our senses (Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue, Skin) and body organs are active. We can quickly make some sense and body organs based activities, like- see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.

     Our desires based on sense and body organs related activities, like- we think to eat tasty food, we like to see beautiful things, beautiful places, and people, etc., During this level of mind, we only try to find happiness through our sense or body organs. We want to hear kind and polite words; We love to smell good things etc., means we only focus on getting pleasure by materialistic things.  

To enter into meditation, the first step is- we should be free from senses related attachments means we need freedom from our conscious mind. It does not mean, we should leave everything and go to forest for meditation. We can do meditation with materialistic things but we shouldn't have attachments with those things. 
We should have the ability to meditation anywhere; it can be done in any comfortable house or any hut. We should not depend on senses pleasure for our happiness, but we can enjoy with senses places without became attached to them. 

According to Yogis, there are two different ways of Meditation-

1. Make distance from all materialistic things and go in forest or Ashrams to practice Meditation. 

 2. We can live like an average person but do not be attached to worldly things. 

2.    Subconsciousness- This is a house of our stored active memory. Whatever, we have learned in this life and knew about this World, this all knowledge stores in this subconscious mind.  When we think about past or future that time our sub-conscious account is active and all thoughts come from the subconscious mind. To practice meditation, we should have control of this subconscious mind. If this it is not under control we will not have power on thoughts and thoughts will come up continuously about past and future,
 It will make us so busy and we will not be able to concentrate and will not ready to go in meditation.
      Unconscious mind- This house is related with nonactive memory and also house of our past karmas (actions which we did in past). Generally this unconscious is not active, thought do not come up from this house but time to time in life this mind is activates and bring good and bad things in our life. Indian philosophy believes in karmas, so we can say our past karmas and their results sleeping in this mind and activates time to time as our good and bad luck. There are so many ways to read and know this unconscious mind, and one medium is astrology. Through Astrology, we can understand about our future. Astrology is kind of calculation that helps us to read our unconscious mind. The sleeping stage is also known as inert mind.

4.    Superconscious mind- This is a central house of mind. When the consciousness reaches this level, then it gets free from all kinds of illusions and attachments and able to take better decisions. In this stage of mind, we can think positive; we can feel refreshments and energetic. When we reach on superconscious level, then we live with ourselves. In this stage, our willpower working more we can be maximum conscious and able to use our maximum qualities with high capacity. We are free from senses – means we are free from hunger, thirst, test, hear, smell, touch, and speak. We can feel pleasure with or without anything. We feel more independent and free with more inner or soulful happiness.
We can activate this superconscious mind with practicing pranayama, concentration, and meditation, etc. 
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