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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Do you have difficulty to meditate?

(First part)

There are many ways how to approach this matter? I will try to explain why you have difficulty to meditate from the point of view of Ashtanga yoga. Ashtanga yoga is a concept (let’s say also lifestyle) consisting of 8 limbs. Meditation is the seventh step. It’s almost the last step before the final goal Samadhi – enlightenment. Now we can ask: what are the previous stages? And are they necessary to be fulfilled before we are able to meditate? Well when we are endlessly trying to get into a meditative state without success, then probably there is something to be done before. What do you think? J

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Without accomplishing first six stages, there is a low chance, we can meditate properly. Thus let’s talk about few things on which you can try to work so that you prepare your mind for meditation. After you attain first 6 stages, meditative state of your mind will come naturally. The same way when you go to sleep, you need to do certain preparations so that you feel like going to sleep and then the process of falling asleep happens effortlessly.

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In following articles we will talk in more detail about each stage of Ashtanga yoga so that you understand how to apply these recommendations in your daily practice. Today we talk about first limb – social code which you should follow so that your mind is pure.
Ahimsatells us about the importance of non-violence behavior. Firstly you stop violence on your body then it will naturally emerge also on your reactions towards outside world. Because remember, the outer world is only a mirror of our inner world. Thus once you are aggressive to others, there is anger inside of you. Into non-violence Ashtanga yoga also includes our thoughts, our speech and of course physical part of violence. What does it mean in practical life? To become vegetarian and become also really aware of all food and liquid you put into your body. Chemicals, hormones, and the food are grown in a negative environment will prevent your mind and body to be pure.

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Satya reminds us to need to speak the truth and to live the truth. All lies or unexpressed truth contaminate our mind, making it heavy so that it’s impossible to elevate ourselves into a meditative state. Asteya supplements Satya because emphasizes honesty in all our actions.
Quite controversial can be considered bramhacharya or celibacy. Most importantly, it’s not only about sexual matters. Sexual activity undeniably keeps us in lower chakras so that elevate our mind is really difficult when we have a lot of sex. Why? Sexual activity can be considered a kind of addiction, we mostly want more and more and we are barely satisfied with the amount. What you can do as a compromise to celibacy is to at least reduce the number of partners. Having long-term relationship means stability. Also, you may search for other pleasures with your partner then sex, for example, doing yoga together and try to meditate together. JWe also needs to reduce our activity in speech and thinking. Sometimes there is no need to talk or think.

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The last part of the social code is aparigraha or non-possessiveness. When we are attached to something whatever it is, we constantly worry about it and it holds our attention, right? But in meditation, we would like to focus on one object, for instance, our breath. How we can keep our focus if our possessive thoughts are continuously disturbing us? The answer is quite easy: detach yourself from as many material things as you can. Set all people free, do not control anybody else. Don’t hold on any expectations or illusions. Then meditation will become much easier. It takes a long time till we achieve follow these instructions of ashtanga yoga. For some people, even these few instructions seem like almost impossible to follow. Have patience, make yourself grow and your meditation will slowly be a bit easier if you start to develop at least some of these limbs.

Namaste J


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