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Thursday, 29 March 2018

The benefits of Mudra: The introduction to basic Mudras

Mud means happy and ra means to give, therefore we can understand mudras as a form of joy or also as the really important tool that guides us deeper into our yoga practice. Each movement of our body has an impact on our mind. Even the tiny small movement of your fingers can do a great job. If we wish to increase the intensity of our asana, pranayama or meditation practice, mudras shouldn’t be missing in our daily routine. The specific movement of your body moves prana in a certain way which means by performing mudras we are able to control the flow of our prana towards desired intention. By performing specific mudras, our brain is also receiving signals for a particular activity. This is something we look for when we wish to develop our spirituality.

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There are dozens of variations of mudra, it’s a whole ocean of not really discovered area in the West. Mudra can be performed by our fingers, hands, head or it can also mean specific body posture. So don’t be mistaken that mudras are the only area of our hands. I will describe three basic ones mentioning their benefits.

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First, really important mudra is chin mudra when our thumb and index finger meet, palms facing up. It’s believed that our thumb symbolizes universal self and our index finger is a place of our EGO, 
our individuality. While these two points connect, it enables us to connect to the universe easily.

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Next important mudra is yoni mudra. In this mudra, our right and left palm connect which brings to our brain balance of our two hemispheres. In case you feel disharmonized without any specific reason, try to work on balancing hemispheres, it can bring necessary calmness into your life. Also, there is another benefit of this mudra, it helps to open chest area, where is our heart chakra.

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The third mudra which I consider as very beneficial is Gyan mudra. It improves our memory, concentration and brain function generally. It can help with sleep disorders and interestingly it also regulates the anger. Many times during our working week we get angry so how to get over it?

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Through control of your breath, deep inhale and exhale. Perform this mudra at least 10 minutes while breathing deeply. You can also add few inhales only with your left nostril. 


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