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Monday, 16 April 2018

Do you practice yoga in daily life? What does it mean “Yoga off the mat”?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say yoga? Is it some kind of asana? Do you picture yourself standing on yoga mat doing some posture? Undeniably this is part of yoga but have you considered the importance of asana comparing to others limbs of yoga (yamas, niyamas,)? It’s almost sure when you ask western citizens and Indian people what do they think first when we say yoga, there will be a different answer. Indian people understand yoga in much broader concept then we in West. For Indian people, yoga is mostly about the way you act, the way you live your life. They live they dharma – fulfilling their duties according to universal values. For western people, yoga is more physical practice whereas some people recognize the philosophy behind it.

I ask you one more thing: have you ever felt frustrated you couldn’t practise yoga? If yes, what did you mean by it? Did you feel frustrated because you didn’t do your regular exercise? But what about replacing it by doing some selfless action or by being more mindful during your day? This is also the practice of yoga. And actually, you can do it every day and every moment. You don’t have to necessarily do sun salutations every day. You don’t have to feel you didn’t do yoga just because you didn’t practise asana.

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Once you chose to live yoga and you incorporate it into your life, you start to discover the magic of yoga. It is about our approach to all situations in which you are. It is about actions we do and the way we do them. By bringing peace, mindfulness and joy into your activities, you can enjoy the feeling of practising yoga. By acting with awareness what is happening around you incorporating selflessness, you can feel like doing yoga.

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Take inspiration from people around you. Be curious, explore and bring childish easiness into your day. Allow everyone around you to be your teacher and humbly accept lessons that life is giving you. Before you judge or get angry, just hold on a second and think: does it worth it? What lesson I should take out the situation?

Embrace all living beings with compassion. If someone does a mistake, instead of condemnation bring understanding. Spread good energy and give people your smile. Trust me, these few easy things make your day beautiful and the others will also appreciate it and give it back to you. J



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